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Reflexology in Chicago
Reflexology Course

Develop your core healing energy while learning foot reflexology.
Learn foot reflexology and energy healing from Eric Huffman.
Deep Heart Reflexology is an energy based healing system that combines
eastern and western reflexology techniques with
Traditional Chinese Medicine and intuition development.

Private and Group Reflexology Class

One on one or group training is available for dedicated students who have

a passion for reflexology.


Private Rates

1 - $120 per hour  

Must bring person to practice on.


Small Group Rates

2 students- $120 per hour ($60 per student)

3 students - $120 per hour ($40 per student)

4 students- $120 per hour ($30 each student)

Each student must bring a person to practice on.




Winter Class Courses:  NEW SCHEDULE TBA

Reflexology Class Chicago
Reflexology Class Chicago
Deep Heart Reflexology Classes
Taught by Eric Huffman the Healing Samurai


Deep Heart Reflexology Courses

Deep Heart Reflexology is a blend of eastern and western reflexology techniques applied in a way that allows the free flow Qi energy to intuitively guide the reflexology session. This course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of reflexology, energy healing, and self awareness.  The importance of healing yourself first is a central theme during the class. 


In these courses, you will learn the primary foot reflexology theory, thumb, knuckle, and finger techniques, as well as how to sense the energy flow.  As you are learning the techniques, we will continuously focus on how to connect with the Source of inner healing energy, Qi, through meditation, breathing, and awareness techniques.  Deep Heart Reflexology is a living, breathing, in the moment experience.  

As a student you will learn how to develop your ability to calm your mind, relax your  body, and be in a space of peace and love while giving a session.  

A key aspect of Deep Heart Reflexology is that  you know how to properly locate, access and stimulate access each reflex point. In order to achieve the most therapeutic benefits during a reflexology session,  it is essential to know how to do this.


Most classes will include guided reflexology practice sessions on my clients who offer their time to assist the class.  The guided reflexology sessions are a highlight of the training course.  They allow the students to directly experience giving a reflexology session. 

What will be covered:


* Deep Heart Reflexology Theory
* Understanding the foot reflex chart

* Basic overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern Medicine

* Anatomy as it relates to reflexology

* Deep Heart Reflexology thumb, finger, hand and knuckle techniques (Levels 1 &2)
* Deep Heart Reflexology wooden reflex tool techniques (Levels 2 &3)

* Advanced reflexology techniques (Level 3)

* Meditation techniques for calming the mind

* Breathing techniques to promote healing energy flow and develop Qi energy

* Awareness techniques to pay attention to energy flow and body awareness

* Importance of healing yourself first

* Connecting with your intuition
Healing with Love and Gratitude:

Healing with love and gratitude is another important aspect of Deep Heart Reflexology.  The development of love and gratitude while doing reflexology is essential for the best healing to take place.  When you feel love and gratitude deeply in your heart while giving a reflexology session allows the full benefits of reflexology to be achieved. Qualifying your Qi energy with the tone of love and gratitude is so important for healing.  Love heals everything.
Requirements - Gratitude Journal:

All students who register are required to begin a daily gratitude journal.  It is a very easy and fast way to develop love and gratitude.  Simply purchase a notebook and every night before you go to bed, write down 5 entries of things you are grateful for.  They can be very specific or general.
For example:
1.      Thank you for life
2.      Thank you for the delicious dinner I ate tonight and my wonderful friends who were with me.
3.      Thank you for this beautiful sunny day.
Five entries each day.  You can write new things each day or repeat. This gratitude journal will be used during the classes as a tool to increase the healing energy of love and gratitude.

Is this course right for me?

Deep Heart Reflexology courses are for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of foot reflexology and the healing arts.  Students range from newbies interested in reflexology to professional body therapists who choose to add reflexology in their repertoire.  Students who want to make a career in Deep Heart Reflexology and the healing arts are always welcomed.

Eric’s Way of teaching is alive in the moment
Classes are alive and in the moment and based on what is truly necessary for each student and the group dynamic.  You learn the core reflexology principles and techniques in a fluid free flow training style.  Each student is taught at their individual level and advances in class based on their ability to understand and apply the techniques and subtle energy flow.  

Feel the qi

Deep Heart Reflexology is an energy based healing system.  Development of the Qi energy is essential to giving high quality reflexology treatments.  Various energy building practices will be shared and directly experienced. Along with learning reflexology theory, foot reflex point locations, and reflexology techniques, each student will learn how to access and develop their natural inner Qi flow.


Step by step reflexology procedure and following the Qi flow

Because each reflexology session is completely different based on the person, their energy, and their condition, you will learn how to address various conditions based on what the person needs in that particular moment.  You will learn a sequential reflexology order as well as how to follow the energy conjestions and fully assist the client.

A certificate stating you have completed the course is given.


Career in Deep Heart Reflexology

There are training options for students who are interested in pursuing a career at Deep Heart Reflexology.  Eric is delighted to assist anyone who has a passion and desire to do Deep Heart Reflexology.  For more information, please contact Eric directly.  It is best to speak one on one.

All classes are held at 688 N Milwaukee Ave unit 201, Chicago, IL 60642


Course Fee:

Includes classes, course materials, 1 reflexology tool, 1 reflex chart, 1 cream, water, tea and snacks. Bring your own lunch.

To Register:
It is best to first contact me directly to confirm that this is the right course for you.

To reserve your space, a $108 deposit is required.

Full balance is due 1 week prior to the beginning of the course.

You can register online now using the buttons below. 

Or mail a check made to

Healing Samurai LLC, 

688 N Milwaukee Ave Unit 201

Chicago, IL  60642

Write in the memo "Course payment" and which level class.

Refundable deposit $108 Register Now:
Reflexology Class Chicago
Reflexology Class Chicago
Reflexology classes in Chicago

Information for out of town students



Below are a few options for hotels or Guest House nearest Union station and my office.  The prices do go up significantly on Saturday night.  Average is $150.


Crown Plaza Chicago West Loop

Address: 733 West Madison, Chicago, IL 60661

Phone:(312) 829-5000

Closest hotel to office and Union Station. 5-10 minute cab ride.


Travel Lodge Chicago

Address: 65 East Harrison, Chicago, IL 60605

Phone:(312) 427-8000

located in downtown Chicago.  Little further from office and train.

good price. maybe 12-14 minute cab ride to office



House of Two Urns

Address: 1239 N Greenview Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Phone:(773) 235-1408


Very reasonably price guest house with nice accommodations.  located in the hip Wicker Park neighborhood.  Safe area with lots of restaurants and cool shops. This is 3-5 minute cab (or you can take blue line subway train)


Freehand Chicago

Address: 19 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611

Phone:(312) 940-3699

Offers private and dorm room lodging.  10-15 minute cab ride to office. Nice area for shopping and restaurants.

Deep Heart Reflexology Private Class

Taught by Eric Huffman the Healing Samurai
What: Meet privately or in group for Deep Heart Reflexology Training

When: Based on our schedules
Time:  1 hour class
Cost:  $120 total per class

This means for 1 on 1 it is $120,

if 2 or more students join the class, the rate is split between the students.  For example, if 3 students attend the same class the rate is $40 per student.


So if you and a couple friends want to learn Deep Heart Reflexology, then please group together a schedule a class at the same time.
All level class focusing on the general theory of Deep Heart Reflexology, basic techniques, healing meditation, and energy balancing. This class will give you a better understanding of what reflexology is and how you can apply it to your life. There will be hands on practice of reflexology. Each class will be based on what is necessary for each student in the moment based on their level of understanding and application.
What will be covered:
 * Meditation for calming the mind and creating a healing space
 * Basic Reflexology Theory
 * Understanding the foot reflex chart
 * Techniques for wellness and for specific health conditions.



To register please contact Eric directly at or call 773-895-4415

Deep Heart reflexology classes in Chicago
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