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Hibiki ~ Healing Body Therapy Sessions

with Kyoko Hashimoto

Visiting Chicago area June 27th - July 11th


Healing Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Meditation


with Kyoko & Kelly

Tuesday July 9th at 7pm

at Deep Heart Reflexology

$20 per person 



Private Body Therapy Sessions

Chicago Location:

Deep Heart Reflexology 688 N Milwaukee Ave

DATES: June 27th & 29th, July 3,6,9,10,&11th.

Glenview Location:

Re:fit 910 Waukegan Rd, Glenview, IL

DATES: June 28, July 2, &5

Body Therapy Sessions:

Kyoko offers an original massage and healing session that combines coconut oil massage, therapeutic essential oils, crystal bowl sound therapy and fascia rebalancing.  Her unique session is deeply calming to the mind and melts away stress in the body. Kyoko also leads group healing crystal bowl sound therapy sessions that are pure bliss. Last year, everyone loved her sessions.


"The most peaceful and deeply relaxing massage I have ever experienced."

- Eric Huffman


For her body therapy training, Kyoko has traveled to India, Nepal, Thailand, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.  In Japan she learned meditation, Cosmotherapy and Fascia Rebalancing.  Now she offers an original blend of all healing styles in one deeply relaxing session.  During your session, you will feel your body, mind, and spirit realigning in a calm meditative space.  Your body will feel full ofsound vibration which is called "Hibiki" in Japanese.  Kyoko's session awakens your homeostasis. "Please have fun and return to your pure inner self through the session.  I'm looking forward to seeing you!" ~ Kyoko Hashimoto

For more info on Kyoko, please visit her website:

 Kyoko Hashimoto


Lives in Tokyo, Japan and offers her healing therapy at her Hibiki Spa.  For many years, she has been the featured massage therapist at many meditation and healing retreats with H.H. Gayuna Cealo.  Kyoko was here at my office last summer and  EVERYONE LOVED her sessions!  Her sessions fill up fast.

Aroma essential oil treatment

A soft touch massage with essential oils selected for your body, blended with warm organic coconut oil.

Aroma essential oil treatment makes you enter an even deeper state of relaxation. The oils are nourishing your skin and muscles. 


Fascia Rebalancing

A gentle massage, stretching and trigger point techniques used to relieve pain and discomfort in the body.  It will balance your autonomic nervous system. You will feel deep relaxation quickly.


90 minutes    $180

Sound therapy + body oil treatment + fascia rebalancing


60 minutes    $125

Sound therapy + half body oil treatment + fascia adjustment 


APPOINTMENTS are filling up fast!

Chicago Location:

To schedule your appointment at Deep Heart Reflexology, Please contact Eric at or text at  773-895-4415

Glenview Location:

To schedule at Re:fit in Glenview, please call (847) 657-0881

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