Meditation 101 Course 

with Eric Huffman Sensei

LIVE Online or in person at my home meditation temple

June 15-August 10th, 2021

Perfect for beginners or great refresher course for meditation practitioners

My Peace Temple Meditation Room is NOW OPEN for clients!!!!!

If you live in Chicago area and want to attend class in person, then please come

and experience the deep inner peace of my healing temple space.

What: Meditation 101 Course

When: Tuesdays at 7:30pm CST -  8:30PM EST / 6:30PM PST

Where: online via Zoom or live at my home temple

Cost: Silver Level - $250   

          Gold Level - $1,495

Stop running around and avoiding, and start your journey back to the calm clear serenity of your inner true nature.


​Now is the time to come back to your source and be aware of your inner serenity.

This course will enhance your meditation practice and give you the  necessary tools to get back to your calm center.

It is time to give yourself the greatest gift of all, the joy of your inner true nature.  Your Journey of Awakening begins when you register here.

Course Outline

  1. Importance of creating the ideal space to enhance your meditations

  2. Exploration of Meditation techniques to make it easier for your life style and personality

  3. Golden Light Meditation

  4. Heart Chakra Meditation

  5. Spiritual Eye Meditation

  6. Mantra Meditation

  7. Mindfulness Meditation - cultivating

  8. Moving Meditation- Energy Qi Gong Techniques

  9. The importance of group meditation energy

  10. Importance of studying with a teacher


Tools to deepen your practice

  1. Weekly video with guided meditation practice 

  2. MP3 Audio files of guided meditation practices from the course to support your practice.

  3. Music for meditation enhancement

Course Requirements

Practice meditation each day for 10 minutes using one of the meditation techniques from the class or with the guided audio or video meditations.

Each week you will need to set aside 20 minutes for a longer meditation practice

Complete short weekly assigned readings to futher assist you in your meditation journey.

Required book reading "Journey of Awakening" by Ram Dass

You can purchase here on Amazon: Journey of Awakening

Silver Level includes-

9 live classes

Weekly training videos and MP3 audio recordings

Access to watch all 9 class video recordings or MP3

All classes will be recorded - in case you miss a class or want to review a class, you will receive a link to watch or download to your device.

Silver Level Cost- $250


Gold Level includes-

All of Silver Level- $250 value

I will be your personal meditation coach and assist you one on one through your journey of this course.

9 One on one private virtual or in person meditation classes - $1,350 value

2 Video meditations made just for your personal needs - $300 value

2 MP3 guided Meditations to support your practice - $200 value

Total value - $2,100

Gold Level Savings - $605

Gold Level Cost- $1,495




Immersed in peaceful energy

"Eric is a gifted healer and his meditations are done from the heart. You feel immersed in peaceful energy as he guides you into healing. You come out feeling lighter, energized and completely at peace. I always look forward to his sessions and can’t wait for the next opportunity to experience his magic!"

- Raquel Baez CPC, Burst of Radiance Coaching


Eric has completely shifted my life!

"With this crisis going on, meeting Eric has saved me. His meditations make me feel extremely protected. Our light is real. My brain feels clarity.  I've been consistently showing up to his meditations that it now feels so easy and simple to connect with my breath and my center.   Eric I value your existence. You are incredible.  Thank you, Thank you!"

- Leslie Mancera, Sports Trainer and Mother


The session was completely magical!

"During the session I was immediately in a peaceful state. I was able to experience the expansion of my energy field around my body as I breathed in and out. I feel centered with a deep sense of  peace and a lightness in my heart. I encourage anyone that is curious about this to try the "Distance Healing". The session was completely magical! "


- D Milliken, USA

Meditating with Eric in person or from a distance is a powerful experience.

"Eric is a generous teacher and a wealth of spiritual consciousness. Meditating with him in person or from a distance is a powerful experience. The benefits of my experience with Eric have been permanent and exponential in nature.  Because of time spent with Eric, I am on a path of happiness and peace and I am more free and able to help others. I experience deep soul connection with others and freedom in my being. I could not be more grateful for this incredible spiritual teacher."

-Pennie, Big Island Hawaii 

I found my center again and can feel now that everything is OK.

"Dear Eric san, I took part in your group meditation and I’m so grateful for you because it helped me.

When I saw you online, I could feel your energy and presence.  After the Meditation I had a feeling as if a gentle healing wind had blown through me. I felt light and lightness.  I found my center again and can feel now that everything is OK even if we have a difficult time. Thank you, Eric san! Best wishes"


- Kanae, Germany


Silver Level Cost- $250


Gold Level Cost- $1,495


Eric Sensei
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