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Cafe Wataru Coffee Shop Open to Public

 September 20th-23rd

Please email or text to confirm coffee shop hours



Hand Drip Gourmet Coffee Workshop

Saturday September 23rd 9:30AM


Come and taste 4 different types of Japanese style roasted coffee

from around the world!


Learn how to

  • Make Gourmet Hand Drip Coffee

  • Make Kyoto Coffee (Easy to make Cold Coffee)


$35 per person includes class, coffee tasting, and a pastry.

Buy ticket online here:

Wataru Hashimoto is a native of Nara, Japan, and has a  deep passion for making delicious gourmet hand drip coffee.  Wataru, an artist at heart, sees making coffee as an expression of one's own true spirit and as a way to share from the heart.  His dream to is to open his own coffee roastery in Japan and share his love with all.

Wataru will be visiting Chicago September 20-23 and offering his coffee at Deep Heart Reflexology.  Cafe Wataru Coffee Shop is open to the public.  Please come in and enjoy and fresh hand made cup of amazing java.  It is one of the best coffee I have ever tasted.

Café Wataru Coffee Shop  

Will Be Open September 20th-23rd at Deep Heart Reflexology!


Individual Hand Drip Specialty Coffee starting at $5 per cup


Also on sale:


Coffee Beans from Okinawa, Japan

Peaberry, Mocha Yirgacheffe, Chuveirinho

One drip One cup coffee filters made in Japan.

Special Japanese coffee filters made from cotton




To confirm coffee shop hours, please contact Eric at or text 773-895-4415

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