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Reflexology in Chicago


Healing Samurai

At Healing Samurai and Deep Heart Reflexology, Eric offers high quality spiritual foot reflexology sessions in Chicago for deep healing and therapeutic benefits.  All healing sessions are held in a private treatment room at Eric's beautiful zen spa home studio in his apartment.

Similar to acupuncture, Deep Heart Reflexology focuses on clearing energy blocks in the chi meridian system, balancing the chi energy, and restoring alignment of body, mind, and soul so your feel better.

Eric also offers Energy Healing Session, meditation classes, reflexology classes, guest wellness practitioners, and various wellness events.


Healing Samurai was first created in 2004 when Eric Huffman returned from Japan with a dream and a vision...


Eric's dream is to provided a calm and safe place where people can come for healing. A safe space where people can receive the amazing benefits of reflexology, yoga, meditation, and various healing arts.


"My mission is to provide you with the highest quality foot reflexology from the depths of my soul.  My goal is to assist you to have greater levels of health, wellness, and soul awareness. The calm, clean, and serene space of my zen office, is designed to further deepen the healing benefits of my reflexology."


The name "Deep Heart Reflexology" was given by Eric's meditation teacher H.H. Gayuna Cealo.  Cealo has assisted Eric in meeting and studying with his reflexology teacher in Japan as well as set up a company of compassion.


"Over the years I have come to understand that reflexology is a path of the heart and of the soul.  For me, reflexology is a journey into my own understanding of healing, health, compassion, and happiness.  It is my deepest honor to share with you my Deep Heart Reflexology service and offer you the greatest healing session I can do. " - Eric

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