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High quality foot reflexology for relaxation and wellness.
Reconnect with your calm center and be happy.
Healing the world
One sole at a time...

At Healing Samurai, I offer quality foot reflexology sessions in Chicago for deep healing and therapeutic benefits.  Healing services are held in private rooms at my beautiful zen home studio...

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Deep Heart Reflexology focuses on clearing energy blocks in the chi meridian system, balancing the chi energy, and restoring alignment of body, mind, and soul, so you feel better.

Energy Reflexology releases negative energy from your energy field (aura), clears and balances your chakras, and instills a deep sense of peace and inner stillness.

Relax at my serene home temple.
Sessions are by appointment only
Tuesday - Friday: 9am - 7pm ​​
Saturday: 10am-4pm ​
Sunday & Monday: Closed
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4500 N Maplewood Ave. 

Chicago, IL 60625

Free Street Parking Available

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Deep Heart Reflexology is an energy based healing modality which releases tension in the body and restores and harmonizes subtle qi energy flow.  Deep Heart Reflexology focuses on pressing reflex points on the feet which connect to all the various parts of the body.  It is a pressure point body system which combines both Eastern and Western reflexology, acupressure, aroma therapy, and sound vibration for a complete holistic treatment.  Through the pressure points on your feet, Eric can release tensions through out the body, improve circulation, help release mental and emotional challenges, and balance the subtle qi energy flow.
Reflexology in Chicago.
Relax and receive the restoration of Deep Heart Reflexology.
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