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Group Energy Healing Session

& Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

with Eric Huffman Sensei

Energy Session for Restoration & Deep Peace


Sunday Jan 9th, 2022

6 PM Chicago Time

Live at my home temple 6 people max


$50 per person - special rate - register now

Let the healing sounds of the crystal bowls release tension in your body and soothe your soul.

This group energy healing session combines qi energy healing transmission with the calm sounds of the crystal bowls. 

Relax and take a pleasant journey back into your inner self.


Sound Bath Healing

Gentle Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing

Relax deeply and reset your system


During this live group Energy Healing Session, healing frequencies will saturate and penetrate into your energy centers to restore and reset your vital chi energy.

This group energy session will bring in more calm energy into your body so that you can release stress and worry.   


Group Energy Healing Session and Crystal Bowl Sound Bath: 

$50 for per person in person  


$50 online session REGISTER NOW CLICK HERE


Private Sound Bath Healing Session  


Private Online Energy Healing sessions available click here for more details.


"Eric’s remote healing session was nothing less than a miracle. It brought me back into my body and into myself. I could feel his calming energy and found it very relaxing to breathe deeply again.  After the session, I felt great for days and am still feeling the affects now.  I highly recommend this type of session." - Andrea Levoff, USA 

"Eric has helped me work thru some past emotions unhealed. I have been able to move forward and continue my growth. His healing sessions are powerful. He is able to bring out of each person the most wonderful and beautiful energy. I am glad in this time of crisis, these sessions are available. We can enjoy all the healing available in this world for the good of us. Thank you Eric!!!" -Claudia Lopez, USA

"Today, as a way to take time for me and recharge I had a "Distance Healing" with Eric.  During the session I was immediately in a peaceful state. I was able to experience the expansion of my energy field around my body as I breathed in and out and lay completely relaxed. I was guided to  shake off any extra mental and emotional resistances. My physical body  felt light and free at the end of the session as I  released all the tensions my body was holding. I feel centered with a deep sense of  peace and a lightness in my heart. I LOVE that I can do this from the comfort of my own home!  I encourage anyone that is curious about this to try the "Distance Healing". The session was energetically moving and I enjoyed it completely. Magical! "- D Milliken, USA

Download Zoom to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  It is free and easy to use.

Download Zoom here:

To receive the most benefits from this healing, you will want to use ear buds or speaker so you can be hands free.

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