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Energy Healing  Reflexology

Energy Reflexology is a new service created by Eric Huffman Sensei Healing Samurai

Energy Reflexology is a blend of Deep Heart foot reflexology and Eric's Energy Healing session, including Qi Energy Healing and Crystal Bowl Sound Bath to clear the aura and balance the chakra energy centers.  Restores vital Qi flow through the body.  Deeply relaxing and transformational.

Energy Reflexology Procedure

Energy Healing Reflexology 

 1 hour @ $225.00 

40 minutes of Deep Heart Reflexology and 20 minutes of Qi Energy Healing. Balance the chakras, clear the energy meridans, strengthen and enhance your aura energy feilds. Deeply relaxing and transformational session.


Energy Healing Reflexology 

 1 hour 30 minutes @ $300.00 

1 hour Reflexology followed by 30 minutes of deep qi Energy Healing. Clears the chakras, balances the energy meridian, and strengthen and repairs the aura. Crystal bowl healing sound bath and auric smudge cleanse with rare sacred incense. Deeply relaxing and inner dimensional transformation.


Deeply compassionate and intuitive healer...

"Eric's joy is contagious! He is a deeply compassionate and intuitive healer. I have been moved and inspired by his kindness and generosity, and by the way he embraces heart-centeredness. A powerful and knowledgeable practitioner, he is an amazing teacher as well! I feel blessed that my life has been touched by his light and hope yours can too!"

Vanessa, Chicago, IL Dec 17, 2021

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