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Online Services with Eric

Private Remote Healing Session with Eric Huffman

via video conference or call


Online or call healing sessions are consciously prepared so you can receive energy healing in the comfort of your own home.  Each session is unique to your specific needs and situation and customized for your greatest healing experience.  To schedule your healing session scroll down below.

Private Meditation Session with Eric

via online or call

Experience a guided meditation class personally tailored for your needs and goal.

 Each class is customized for each person. Eric’s intuitive guidance and calm presence may deepen and enhance your meditation practice.  Eric can share insights into multiple mediation practices including mantra meditation, visualization, and mindful awareness.  For more details and to schedule scroll down below.

Home Clearing Session

via online or whatsapp

Need a fresh new energy in your home or office?  Refresh the energy in your home or office with an Energy Clearing Ceremony.Energy clearing techniques have been used for thousands of years to clear the subtle energy flow in your home.  This is done by using incense, smuding, prayers, energy transmission, and healing sound vibrations.  Eric will cleans the energy, balance the ley lines, and instill positive harmonious vibrations in your home or office. READ MORE


Eric Sensei Meditation Energy Healing
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