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Private Distance Healing Session


Distance healing sessions via online or call

Receive deep healing energy in the privacy and safety of your home.  Distance Healing Sessions may deeply relax your body, clear the energy centers, refresh your mind, and assist you to release various hidden energy congestion.  You may feel light, calm, free, and happy after your session. Each distance healing session is unique and customized for your specific needs and situation.


During your session, Eric goes into a meditative state and tunes into your energy fields and various energy bodies. Then, through intuitive guidance, Eric will send various healing energies to assist you in aligning with your core and settling inward.  As you relax and become quiet, the breathing deepens and you begin to shift into a healing space.  In this calm sympathetic state, the body begins to restore and healing takes place.  

Eric may also guide you to do certain breathing techniques and visualizations to enhance and deepen your session.  Various healing energy frequencies, that are specific to your needs, are directed towards you and your situation.  Simply relax, be open, and allow yourself to receive the healing.


Healing energy is transmitted during your choice of a  phone call or online video call. Video options include Google Hangouts, Skype, or Whatsapp,


How to prepare for your session

Do your best to find a private room where you can relax and be comfortable.   If it calls to you, you may choose to play soft music, light a candle and or some incense. If using a phone, please use earphones or a head set so you can be hands free. I highly recommend to have the option to lay down as certain healing energies require this.  Please ask me if you have any questions regarding your location situation.  During your session, various healing energy frequencies are directed towards you and your situation.  Simply relax and allow yourself to receive the healing.


Schedule your session online Click Here

Please write in the memo box which form of connection you choose.  

For example, if by phone, type your phone number you wish to use in the memo box.  

Or by online app, please write in the online app and your online contact info for the app.

* Please note that times are in CST, Central Standard Time.

Once you schedule your session, from that point forward, the healing process begins.

Prior to your session, Eric will increase the energies in his meditation.  


Many people report feeling a calm warmth pervade the body and feeling significantly lighter and at ease after their session.

Eric has studied with numerous energy healers, monks, and sages and has been using hands on healing and distance healing for over 20 years. This healing energy is the “secret ingredient” in his deep heart reflexology practice. 



"I am a longtime client of Eric's (15 years). I have experienced many types of sessions, retreats, meditations, breath workshops etc. with Eric. All have been very powerful and all assisting me in my own journey. Recently my husband became very ill with liver issues. Because we live in Michigan and due to all the travel restrictions and quarantines it has not been easy to get to the Eric's office in Chicago. Fortunately we are able to experience a distant healing session. Eric assisted me and guided me during the session while my husband was relaxed and open to taking in the energy.  What a beautiful, incredibly powerful session for my husband and for myself as well. I am grateful for Eric's deep intuitive messages and guidance during our sessions."  - D Milliken, USA  

"My energy healing session with Eric was, in every sense of the word, completely transformative. All within a 70 minute session with him, I was able to work through pain, heartache, and other tension-filled emotions that I didn't even realize were there. I also was able to release the things that were not allowing me to serve my higher purpose, and in doing so, I really did leave the session feeling brand new. Eric is able to channel the frequency of divine love to assist you in your healing process. Eric is gentle, and incredibly intuitive. Energy healing sessions with him are filled with abundant waves of love, and light that will leave you feeling more whole, at peace, and connected to who you are. I highly recommend booking a healing session with Eric. Healing sessions with Eric are unique: he specifically caters to your energy, your emotional and physical healing needs. I can guarantee you will feel renewed by the deep tranquility, truly deep healing, and balance these sessions provide." - A M, USA 

“It was my first time having an online healing session, and during the process I was able to experience that I felt a warm connection with my heart again.  I had a feeling that Eric would be able to sense what was happening in my life, however, I did not expect him to be so exact (lol)!!!!  He seemed to know everything that was happening in my life and various recent events that I did not mention to him... and he was aware that I was under a lot of stress with family matters...  Today, the day after my session,  I feel like it's sunny and clear and mysteriously refreshing.  I am finally able to think about the future again. I realized I'm doing the healing method which Eric taught me naturally and with ease.  I feel such a refreshing feeling as I do it and it has a great healing effect on me.  Eric Sensei, thank you so much.” - Mukin, Japan

“I hurt my right arm two months ago.  I tried applying some medicine and putting on a compress, but it didn't improve much.  I received Eric's online healing. The pain in my right arm was reduced and I felt warm from the center of my body, so my body and mind were very deeply relaxed.  During the session, my mind became very calm.  When I woke up the next morning, I felt very good.  The pain in the right arm improved, and I felt that my whole body was energized and active.  Eric instructed me on a simple exercises. If I do it every day, I can balance myself.  Really high quality effects in online healing.

He is a really great therapist.”  - Michiyo Noguchi, Japan

"Today, as a way to take time for me and recharge I had a "Distance Healing" with Eric.  During the session I was immediately in a peaceful state. I was able to experience the expansion of my energy field around my body as I breathed in and out and lay completely relaxed. I was guided to  shake off any extra mental and emotional resistances. My physical body  felt light and free at the end of the session as I  released all the tensions my body was holding. I feel centered with a deep sense of  peace and a lightness in my heart. I LOVE that I can do this from the comfort of my own home!  I encourage anyone that is curious about this to try the "Distance Healing". The session was energetically moving and I enjoyed it completely. Magical! "- D Milliken, USA


1 hour to 90 minutes in duration ~ $250

Payments are made in advance using an email link to pay online using your bank or debit card.


24 hour cancellation policy.  If you need to cancel or reschedule you must notify me 24 hours in advance.


* Distance healing is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  Please consult your medical practitioner prior to trying alternative wellness options. If you have any serious illness, consult your doctor immediately. 

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