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What clients are saying...

Amazing Session

It was my first time having an online healing session, and during the process I was able to experience that I felt a warm connection with my heart again.  I had a feeling that Eric would be able to sense what was happening in my life, however, I did not expect him to be so exact (lol)!!!!  He seemed to know everything that was happening in my life and various recent events that I did not mention to him... and he was aware that I was under a lot of stress with family matters...  Today, the day after my session,  I feel like it's sunny and clear and mysteriously refreshing.  I am finally able to think about the future again. I realized I'm doing the healing method which Eric taught me naturally and with ease.  I feel such a refreshing feeling as I do it and it has a great healing effect on me.  Eric Sensei, thank you so much.

Mukin, Japan Apr 20, 2020

A true MASTER Healer

Eric is a true master healer! He does so much more than classic reflexology. I felt relaxed from the moment I entered the space and left in a puddle of bliss. I highly recommend trying a session. I will definitely be back and will be referring my friends.

Rebecca Niziol Nov 18, 2018

deeply compassionate and intuitive healer

"Eric's joy is contagious! He is a deeply compassionate and intuitive healer. I have been moved and inspired by his kindness and generosity, and by the way he embraces heart-centeredness. A powerful and knowledgeable practitioner, he is an amazing teacher as well! I feel blessed that my life has been touched by his light and hope yours can too!"

Vanessa, Chicago, IL Dec 17, 2021

Loved my Visit

This was the service that I longed for. This is not just a foot massage. It was very medicinal. I was in Chicago visiting my daughter and had severe hip and back pain. My feet were tingling and burning badly. I decided to look for someone who did reflexology and not just a foot rub. I found Eric and his 5 star service on Google and decided to give him a try. Let's just say, I will be in his office on every Chicago visit going forward. Helps back pain, hallux rigidus or neuropathy.

B.D. Dec 11, 2019

Customer since Dec 2019


Eric was great! He has great knowledge and expertise in reflexology. If you are looking for real reflexology work done then this is the place to go.

Alexander Denkovski Dec 4, 2019

Customer since Nov 2019


Erick is a great therapist and host/owner. I highly recommend trying it. You’ll come back many times!

Lydia K Sep 27, 2019

Customer since Mar 2013

Most excellent

Eric is incredible in his reflexology work. He is passionate about healing and it shows. I will be back!

Cookie M Sep 1, 2019

Customer since Nov 2017

Curative methods

As an amateur reflexologist and one familiar with other practitioners, Eric is at the pinnacle! I came in for a medical condition, and he was quite familiar with the issue and has provided me great relief, relaxation and a calm after - glow. Actually, we will see what happens, but I felt so good one day afterwards, that I felt compelled to write the review immediately. I felt a weight ascend from me and my condition has disappeared! Thanks Eric!

William Donahue Aug 23, 2019

Customer since Aug 2019

The "Chicago Healer"!

That's how I called him! Eric is an amazing holistic therapist! Just tell him what is hurting you, and he will help you feel tremendously better!!!;)

Luminita Caywood May 24, 2019

Customer since Jun 2018


Eric was put on this earth to do reflexology and interact with the public. He is incredible at what he does. Very inspiring. Highly recommend.

Tatum D Apr 4, 2019

Customer since Jan 2019

A Whole New World

Eric is a consummate professional. He opened a whole new world to me with his thoughtful explanations and skilled treatment. The first visit made a positive difference.

T.F. Mar 22, 2019

Customer since Mar 2019

Stands out from the crowd

Eric's abilities stand out from crowd. His highly trained reflexology skills, coupled with a deep and accurate intuitive presence, make for a truly remarkable healing. He cares about what he does.

Kate V Mar 19, 2019

Customer since Mar 2019

Master of His Craft

Eric is competent in reflexology, yoga and providing a general sense of well being. He is sensitive to one's needs and customizes the experience to the individual.

A.L. Mar 16, 2019

Customer since May 2018

Wonderful session as usual

Eric is phenomenal at what he does. He is beyond a reflexologist and I always feel like a new person after each session. I really appreciate the time he spends understanding and working on my needs.

Ryan Donson Mar 13, 2019

Customer since Nov 2018


Eric is a must meet, i felt taller, stronger, more confident, lighter, truly was an amazing feeling. So good that I had booked my next appointment the following week. 2 weeks in a row. I feel so good. This is a no brainer. Make that appointment...NOW

Claudine K Mar 11, 2019

Customer since Feb 2019

Healing Samurai works wonders

I've been a client for several years. I usually visit Eric in the early evening, after a long day at work, tied up in knots, and I leave relaxed and loose. I recommend Deep Heart Reflexology to friends and recommend to you, too!

Chris Hale Mar 5, 2019

Customer since Oct 2014

Want a pro? Look no further.

For me, the true test of an adept in Reflexology is his/her ability to have a descriptive awareness of a patient's malady(s) by touching the feet. This capacity, combined with the kind and generous personality of the practitioner, makes DHR a valuable experience physically and, if you allow, metaphysically. This is no 'foot rub'.

Craig VanZanten Mar 3, 2019

Customer since Feb 2019


Eric is absolutely Magical!!! I've been going to see Eric for about 2 months now & he's changed my life!! I leave feeling so light & super LIT!! I highly recommend you check him out!

Cindy V Feb 26, 2019

Customer since Dec 2018

Knowledgeable in many areas.

Reflexology, massage. yoga, and general knowledge of the working of body, brain and nervous systems, make a visit to Eric's studio not only a feel better experience, but also a learning one.

Arthur Lerner Jan 31, 2019

Customer since May 2018


I did my first session with Eric and it was outstanding, an enormous value. I am going back and would recommend to anyone.

B.B. Jan 11, 2019

Customer since Jan 2019


Erik is the real deal. I will refer anyone to him looking to experience healing, mind body and soul!

Laura H Dec 21, 2018

Customer since Nov 2018

It works!

“Eric's treatment is best described in simple words: IT WORKS. My body is healthier and I feel great. 

Thank you Eric."  

Mark A. Allegretti, Evanston, Il   

"Eric is amazing! Every time I see him I leave feeling like I'm floating on air and as if I'm a different (and far improved) person than the one who came in. He is an expert reflexologist and healer and has so much wisdom to offer. Go in with an open mind & enjoy the experience!" - Maggie B., Chicago, IL

“OMG! I can't tell you how amazing Jim and I felt ALL day and night... Being able to experience it together created an environment where we could both enjoy the after effects even more. That unbelievable feeling of relaxation, happiness and love thru out our entire bodies couldn't be better. Even Jim said he could feel so much happiness running thru every inch of his body!  I felt like a piece of butter in the warm sun. So relaxed!  Thank you Eric.”      - Beth B., Chicago 


"Eric Huffman is one of the most gifted healers in the Chicago area.  He has exceptional training and skills with reflexology but his sessions move way beyond the obvious physical issues. I'm truly amazed with each session – I could never have imagined that having someone work on just my feet would be so much more relaxing than a massage. Eric is able to tune into your body energetically and intuitively understand how he needs to work. For me, each session is different and is attuned to whatever my body and spirit is calling for at that moment. He is a healer on the deepest levels – I could not recommend him more highly. On top of all that, he is a joyful and upbeat person with whom to work. It is a delight to have an appointment with Eric!‎"    - Barb W., Chicago

 "Thank you, Eric!  I had a wonderful experience--I don't think that I've ever felt that relaxed in my life!  I look forward to another session...     - Simone R., Chicago

"It was one of the most relaxing experiences of my entire life!" 

                                                                                         - Carly Carney, Chicago

"My partner and I had a session with you last Sunday, 11/29.  I just want to update you on my gout condition.  I have now been “pain free” for the past three days.  This is the first time in 3 months that I have not been in pain every time I step on my foot.  I have been diligently drinking an ounce of raw apple cider vinegar after every meal (3 times daily) and drinking about a cup of organic cherry juice every day.  Also, I have really been mindful to keep my diet to at least 75% of the food groups from the alkaline listing you gave me.  Thanks again and I look forward to coming to one of your Thursday meditations sometime soon."

- David J., Chicago

“I wanted to thank you again for my first reflex session Friday… I CAN LIFT MY RIGHT ARM OVER MY HEAD.  I have not been able to lift my arm for 7 years!!!!  Also, I feel less stressed and have been laughing all day... I was skeptical and you turned me into a believer.”  

                                                                                         - Julie M., R.N., Chicago


Results are remarkable

"Thank you, Eric!  I have long been a fan of your fabulous treatments, however, we are especially grateful after trying for months to conceive our second child without success.  After sharing this with you, you focused my treatment on fertility pressure points and we had luck that very same month!  Unfortunately the pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage.  The first month we were able to try again, I returned for another treatment and couldn't believe the success rate, I am pregnant and now 7 months along.  During my second and now third trimester, your treatments have relieved the muscular aches and pains that accompany pregnancy.  Your results are remarkable.  I have shared my experience with others and am thrilled to say that I know of a second reflexology baby!  Thank you for making such a difference in our lives."

- Debbie G., Chicago, IL


"I have been receiving reflexology treatments from Eric for two years. I am a massage therapist and do 5 to 6 massages a day and have been going for relaxation  to relieve  high stress levels although have noticed improvements in other health issues, namely my vitiligo( this is a  chronic skin condition). But I really recognized the healing benefits of  reflexology  when I developed a urinary tract infection. Eric healed this in 1 visit  using specific techniques just for this illness. I would recommend Eric's services to anyone in need of healing.with great admiration"

 - Loretta C., N. Aurora


"I had calf cramps for a long time and you told me you could help.  I have not had leg cramps since our session and that was over a year ago.  Thanks Eric."

- Leah M., Chicago   

You will feel safe, loved, and enlightened

“From the moment Eric started my first session, I felt the pure love that radiates through and around him.  All you have to do is try it– you will feel safe, loved, and enlightened."

- Mary Butler, Wisconsin


 “Eric’s technique is one of the most powerful energy based techniques I have encountered in many years.  I would rank it in effectiveness along with acupuncture and shiatsu."

 - Cary Cline, Chicago, IL  


Thank you for the light that you are
"For those of you looking to fill what seems to be a void in your life, look no more.  Eric will get you on the path of looking within where true happiness awaits us all.  Eric you are an amazing human being.  Thank you for all that you have empowered me to create for myself and my loved ones.  Thank you for the light that you are.”

- Juan Cerda, Chicago, IL


“I have never experienced anything like your retreat in my entire life.  Words can not describe the total love, peace, and happiness that I feel.  You helped me accomplish in one week what has taken me a life time to try and work on (without much success!). You are a truly inspiring, gifted, and spiritual man and I pray that you will be able to touch thousands more so they can experience what I now have.”

- Cindy Fleming, Peoria, IL

Eric definitely has a "Special Touch"

His heart and hands spoke truthfully not only to my sole, but to the Soul within. Eric’s gift is much more than a massage; it is an "adventure in consciousness" which should not be missed!”

- Dan Buffalo, Hawaii

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