Meditation Class
Increase the love energy in your heart center.  Free the heaviness and open the heart space with freshing light energy.
Experience and learn meditation techniques to release stress and stay connected with your Source energy.

Live Virtual Classes on Zoom or at my apartment meditation temple

Tonight's Class: Heart Chakra Healing
Tuesday NOV 30th
8:30PM EST  7:30pm CST

$25 drop in fee


All class will be recorded. 
You will learn:
  • Proven Yogic Breathing Exercises to quickly release stress and relax your nervous system
  • Energy Qi Gong techniques to clear negative energy and bring in positive energy
  • Proven meditation techniques to calm your mind and improve your clarity

What people are saying:

"With the increased anxiety due to the coronavirus it is essential that we dig deep into ourselves and realize all that is good in our world. With that in mind I recently did a remote meditation session with Eric which quickly brought me back into alignment with right thoughts. Eric provided breathing techniques which quickly quiet or balance the mind then he guides you through a guided meditation based on your individual needs. Much like his reflexology sessions, Eric is able to sense what you personally need to obtain balance and then leads your meditation to address those needs.  At the end of our session I could sense that I was in a much better place and felt relaxed and centered. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a unique meditative experience tailored to their own needs. I sense that with the unique situation in which we all currently find ourselves in, that participating in this type of exercise can make this time an enriching experience. I am extremely grateful to Eric for providing me with this 'gift'!

- Ramon Almote, USA

"Dear Eric san, I took part in your Meditation and I’m so grateful for you because it helped me.

When I saw you online, I could feel your energy and presence.  After the Meditation I had a feeling as if a gentle healing wind had blown through me. I felt light and lightness.  I found my center again and can feel now that everything is OK even if we have a difficult time. Thank you, Eric san! Best wishes"

- Kanae, Germany

"Eric is a gifted healer and his meditations are done from the heart. You feel immersed in peaceful energy as he guides you  playing sound bowls or other meditative sounds and come out feeling lighter, energized and completely at peace. I always look forward to his sessions and can’t wait for the next opportunity to experience his magic!"

- Raquel Baez CPC, Burst of Radiance Coaching