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Magical Meditation Course
with Eric Sensei

Qi Gong & Meditation Training Course
April 9th - May 28th

Time: Tuesday evenings 7:30pm Chicago 8:30 EST

Location: 4500 N Maplewood Ave APT 3, Chicago, IL 60625

                 or Zoom

Cost: $144 for 8 classes


Qi Gong and meditation offer a multitude of benefits for the mind, body, and soul. By practicing these ancient techniques, individuals can experience improved mental clarity, stress reduction, increased energy levels, and a deeper connection to their inner self, promoting overall well-being and harmony.

Relax your mind, release your stress, and return to your inner true being.
Group meditation makes it easier to get into meditation.  The group energy will deepen your meditation, clear stress, feel lighter, and supports your personal meditation practice.
Eric's light hearted approach in guiding your meditation makes is easy to become calm so you can understand your meditation process.  Eric Sensei will share his experiences with studying and practicing meditation with various Enlightened Teachers to bring you more clarity and ease in your meditation.  Eric will share special meditations to enhance your practice as well as practical tools to return to your center during your day.  Whether you join in online from home or in person, you will feel the benefits of live group meditation energy. 

LIVE in person
   Pay in advance online CLICK HERE

Reserve your online class CLICK HERE 
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or Direct zoom link
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What people are saying:

"Eric is a gifted healer and his meditations are done from the heart. You feel immersed in peaceful energy as he guides you  playing sound bowls or other meditative sounds and come out feeling lighter, energized and completely at peace. I always look forward to his sessions and can’t wait for the next opportunity to experience his magic!"

- Raquel Baez CPC, Burst of Radiance Coaching, Los Angeles

"Dear Eric san, I took part in your Meditation and I’m so grateful for you because it helped me.

When I saw you online, I could feel your energy and presence.  After the Meditation I had a feeling as if a gentle healing wind had blown through me. I felt light and lightness.  I found my center again and can feel now that everything is OK even if we have a difficult time. Thank you, Eric san! Best wishes"

- Kanae, Germany

"...Eric which quickly brought me back into alignment with right thoughts. Eric provided breathing techniques which quickly quiet or balance the mind then he guides you through a guided meditation based on your individual needs. Much like his reflexology sessions, Eric is able to sense what you personally need to obtain balance and then leads your meditation to address those needs.  At the end of our session I could sense that I was in a much better place and felt relaxed and centered. I highly recommend this service to anyone."

- Ramon Almonte, Chicago USA

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