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Private Virtual Meditation 

Guided Meditation & Consultation with Eric Huffman Sensei

Relax and return to your calm center.


Private Virtual Meditation Sessions with Eric will assist you to move into a deeper space of calm relaxation and improve your mental clarity.

Eric will share with you proven ways to relax your body and calm your mind and guide you on a meditation to enhance your awareness.

Eric will listen and tune into your energy and see what is the best way to assist you in your meditation experience.  Eric offers both guided meditations as well as silent energy transmissions to help you deepen into pratice.  

Eric teaches all levels from beginners who could use some guidance, to long time practictioners who would like to deepen and enhance the meditative experience.

Return to a space of peace and receive the benefits of meditation including:

  • Reduction of Stress and Anxiety

  • Improved focus and clarity

  • Increase seretonin (the "Happy Chemical")

  • Reduce the production of cortisol (the "Stress Chemical")

  • A greater sense of lightness and freedom

  • A wonderful mental vacation

About Eric

"Can I share with you a secret?  I have been meditating for over 30 years.  It has been a passion of mine. I have trained with numerous meditation masters and have invested countless hours in my personal practice.  I have been teaching meditation for more than 25 years.   I would love to share with you my insights so you can have all the wonderful benefits that meditation provides.   I have discovered that meditation is much easier when you have the right technique for your personality as well as a training program custom tailored for your needs.  It is my deepest wish that you can connect with a secret space that lives within you.  It is a space of immense peace, luminous joy, and infinite light.  Allow me to assist you in your journey to calm inner peace, deep knowing, and infinite happiness."  - Eric Huffman


1 hour session- $200

4 session package - $700


Schedule online click here. 

Eric will share his knowledge and insight into the the art and science of meditation for you directly.  Eric’s intuitive guidance, deep knowing, and calm presence may enhance your meditation practice, answer questions, and gently guide you into a deeper states of awareness.  Eric can share insights in multiple meditation practices including mantra meditation, visualization, and mindful awareness.  

Consultation may include a brief conversation, meditation guidance, practical tools to make meditation easier, and Q&A.



"Meditating with Eric in person or from a distance is a powerful experience."

"Meditating with Eric in person or from a distance is a powerful experience."

"Working with Eric and receiving his guidance and energy work has caused some of the most powerful shifts in my life. Working with Eric helped me to expand my consciousness and allowed me to heal all aspects of my being. After working extensively with Eric, I was able to unblock stuck energy and tap into psychic gifts and abilities that have greatly enhanced my life. I received energy work with Eric which transcended physical barriers of distance and time and affected me greatly. Eric is a generous teacher and a wealth of spiritual consciousness. Meditating with him in person or from a distance is a powerful experience. The benefits of my experience with Eric have been permanent and exponential in nature.  Because of time spent with Eric, I am on a path of happiness and peace and I am more free and able to help others. I experience deep soul connection with others and freedom in my being. I could not be more grateful for this incredible spiritual teacher."

-Pennie, Big Island Hawaii 

"A unique meditative experience tailored to their own needs."

"With the increased anxiety due to the coronavirus it is essential that we dig deep into ourselves and realize all that is good in our world. With that in mind I recently did a remote meditation session with Eric which quickly brought me back into alignment with right thoughts. Eric provided breathing techniques which quickly quiet or balance the mind then he guides you through a guided meditation based on your individual needs. Much like his reflexology sessions, Eric is able to sense what you personally need to obtain balance and then leads your meditation to address those needs.  At the end of our session I could sense that I was in a much better place and felt relaxed and centered. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a unique meditative experience tailored to their own needs. I sense that with the unique situation in which we all currently find ourselves in, that participating in this type of exercise can make this time an enriching experience. I am extremely grateful to Eric for providing me with this 'gift'!

- Ramon Almote, USA

"I found my center again and can feel now that everything is OK."

"Dear Eric san, I took part in your Meditation and I’m so grateful for you because it helped me.

When I saw you online, I could feel your energy and presence.  After the Meditation I had a feeling as if a gentle healing wind had blown through me. I felt light and lightness.  I found my center again and can feel now that everything is OK even if we have a difficult time. Thank you, Eric san! Best wishes"

- Kanae, Germany

"You feel immersed in peaceful energy..."

"Eric is a gifted healer and his meditations are done from the heart. You feel immersed in peaceful energy as he guides you, playing sound bowls or other meditative sounds and come out feeling lighter, energized and completely at peace. I always look forward to his sessions and can’t wait for the next opportunity to experience his magic!"

- Raquel Baez CPC, Burst of Radiance Coaching


Deeply compassionate and intuitive healer...

"Eric's joy is contagious! He is a deeply compassionate and intuitive healer. I have been moved and inspired by his kindness and generosity, and by the way he embraces heart-centeredness. A powerful and knowledgeable practitioner, he is an amazing meditation teacher as well! I feel blessed that my life has been touched by his light and hope yours can too!"

Vanessa, Chicago, IL Dec 17, 2021

Integration Series

To receive the most benefits, Eric recommends doing a series of 4 sessions, 1 session per week or every other week.  4 sessions will deepen the meditation energies and assist you to integrate the information shared and apply it to your daily life.  Integration Series supports your meditation and allows you to more easily receive direct inner knowing from your own experiences. These private sessions will activate new frequenies of energy and increase your ability to access deeper states of awareness.

Payment Links:


4 sessions for $500:​ 4 Pack Click Here


Schedule online click here. 

Or email Eric to set up a time click here.

Eric will call you for your session using your preferred communication modality or app.

About Eric

"Can I share with you a secret?  I have been meditating for over 30 years.  It has been a passion of mine to know how to meditate and to deepen my understanding of who I am.  I have trained with numerous meditation masters and I would love to share with you my insights and lessons with you so you can have all the many wonderful benefits that meditation provides.  It is my deepest wish that you can feel the love, joy, peace, and happiness that resides with in your heart.  Regardless of what is happening around you and in your world, I wish to share with you that secret place that lives within you.  It is a space of immense peace, luminous joy, and infinite light.  Will you join me on this amazing journey?"  - Eric Huffman

Eric's Meditation Journey

Eric has been practicing meditation since age 17 when he was prescribed by his medical doctor to treat his ADHD. Since then, he has studied and practiced numerous meditation techniques including mantra meditation, Kriya yoga meditation, mindfulness, zazen, moving meditation, and creative visualization.

At age 19, Eric had his first true meditation experience and spiritual awakening which propelled him to study meditation and practice more diligently.  In 1995, Eric met Bob Raymer, direct student of Paramansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi), and studied intimately in the art of mantra meditation, haung sau, and Kriya yoga (Advanced yogic meditation technique.  In 1996, Eric lived at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat Center and under the direct guidance of Bob Raymer began to teach private and group meditation classes. During his 5 year stay at Song of the Morning, Eric was blessed to meet weekly with Bob Raymer and hone his skills in meditation.  While Eric was practicing meditation for 3 to 4 hours daily, he was fortunate to meet and study directly with many meditation masters and teachers including Mata Amritanandamayi, Ram Dass, Mother Meera, and the Dali Lama. 

In 2001, Eric met his current meditation teacher H.H. Gayuna Cealo.  The profound intuitive shifts which took place while studying and traveling with Gayuna Cealo deeply impacted Eric’s life.   Eric traveled to Myanmar to train in Cealo’s way of Direct Action of Compassion. While in Myanmar, Eric visited many villages and orphanages bringing food and necessary supplies.  He also stayed at the Chakala Temple in Yangon for 3 weeks practicing meditation as directed by Venerable U Zeneca, a Theravada Buddhist monk.

Through H.H. Gayuna Cealo’s guidance, Eric moved to Japan to train in reflexology and energy healing.  As a part of his training, Eric lived for 3 months at Sojiji Soen, a Zen monastery in Monzen, Japan. While living at Sojiji, Eric came to the direct understanding that in the center of all humans is love. 

Since Eric’s return to America in 2003, Eric has been teaching meditation, yoga, qi gong energy healing, and reflexology classes.  Eric has led and conducted many meditation and healing retreats and programs in both Japan and America. He has led numerous week long meditation and healing retreats in Hawaii, and recently led 2 retreats in Myanmar.

Eric has also developed his original Golden Light meditation technique designed specifically to make meditation easier for modern day people and give you the ability to deepen your meditation at a faster pace.

Eric continues to teach meditation offering weekly group meditations, private classes, and online classes.  It is Eric's mission to share the wealth of inner joy and calm clarity that meditation brings.

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