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Remote Energy Healing Session ~ Click Here To Book Now


Remote Healing Session 

 1 hour 10 minutes @ $250.00 

Even though we are in separate places, I can sense your energy flow. I tune into your rhythms, energy patterns, constrictions, blocks and flow. Inviting you to deeply relax, release stress and pain, and to access healing for your entire body. This allows you to shift into a deeper space of relaxation and allow your natural healing to begin. Healing Qi Energy is transmitted to you clearing negative stuck energy in the chakras, meridians, and energy fields, relaxing your body and deepening your peace.

Virtual Private Meditation Session ~ Click Here To Book Now

Private Virtual Meditation & Consultation 

 55 minutes @ $150.00 

Consultation may include a brief conversation, meditation guidance, practical tools to make meditation easier, Q&A, and conclude with a guided meditation.

Virtual Energy Clearing Session for your home or office~ Click Here To Book Now

Virtual Home Energy Clearing Ceremony 

 1 hour 10 minutes @ $250.00 

Refresh the energy in your home or office with an Energy Clearing Ceremony.
Energy clearing techniques have been used for thousands of years to clear the subtle energy flow in your home. It is very important to have proper subtle energy flow in your home or office. This is done by using incense, smuding, prayers, energy transmission, and healing sound vibrations. Eric will cleans the energy, balance the ley lines, and instill positive harmonious vibrations in your home or office.

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