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Energy Clearing & Puja Ceremony
Clear the energy of your home or office

Energy Clearing Home Visit - $550

Home Visit Energy Clearing and Fire Puja Ceremony - $1,080

Virtual Clearing via zoom - $450

Feel like the energy in your place is heavy or stuck and needs a lift?

Refresh the energy in your home or office with an Energy Clearing Ceremony.


Energy clearing techniques have been used for thousands of years to clear the subtle energy flow in your home.  This is done by using incense, smudging, prayers, energy transmission, and healing sound vibrations.  Eric will cleans the energy, balance the ley lines, and instill positive harmonious vibrations in your home or office.  Similar to Feng Shui, it is very important to have proper subtle energy flow in your home or office.  Keeping a good energy flow creates clarity and ease in your daily living. 

Oftentimes the energy gets stuck or blocked in your space, similar to how the qi meridians in the body can get stuck and sluggish.  These subtle energy blocks in your home can make it challenging to think clearly or maybe even cause certain inharmonious situations in your daily life.

What will it do?

Experiences may vary, however, most often people experience a deeper sense of peace and lightness in their space after the session. After your clearing, you may notice it is easier to think clearly and be more relaxed and productive.  You may also notice how others in your space are calmer, kinder, and easier to be with.

Virtual Clearing via video call using Zoom or Whatsapp

Eric will guide you through the process as together you go into each room and clear the space.

Schedule your Virtual Clearing Click HERE

What you will need for your virtual clearing

The session can be done completely by Eric, however, if possible I reccommend the following:

A Sage smudge stick, palo santo, or sandalwood incense. 

A dish for the smudge stick, and incense. 

You may need a cell phone trip holder so you can be hands free.

You can order a smudge stick or smudge kit online.

Smudge sticks: I use the Purple Canyon Smudge Kit.  you can buy online via amazon.

Incense: I recomend using my 100% pure sandalwood powder which you can buy here.

Eric may recommend the use of healing gemstones to enhance the positive energy in your space.

Phone Tripod: I use this one



"Wonderful Virtual Home Energy Clearing Ceremony!!"


"Eric conducted a powerful virtual home energy clearing ceremony which immediately lightened up the vibrations and cleared the stale feeling/vibes in my condo from being home all day during recent months.  He did individual ceremonies and chants for each room.  Participating in his custom ceremony really improved my sense of wellbeing.  I've been a reflexology client of Eric's for 10 years and I had been greatly missing his special healing powers during recent months and was thrilled that Eric was able to clear and enlighten the energy in my condo!"   - J McCormick, USA

Schedule your Virtual Clearing Click HERE

Schedule your home clearing or Puja Click Here

After you schedule your home clearing, you must contact me and we will discuss all the details.

Call 773.895.4415 or email me at

For a home visit,  you will need to follow my COVID guidelines below.

COVID Guidelines for Home Visit

1. You must clean and disinfect your home prior to my visit

2. If you have any COVID symptoms before the ceremony, you MUST cancel and reschedule your appointment after you have been tested negative for COVID.

3. You must confirm that to your knowledge you and anyone else in your home has not been in contact with anyone who has COVID.

Fire Puja Ceremony

The Puja ceremony preparation is rather extensive.  Eric will need approxiamtely 1 hour to set everything up at your house.  The fire ceremony itself  last for approxiamtely 1 hour.

Please contact Eric in advance for the Fire Puja Ceremony.


If you have any questions, please contact me at 773-895-4415 or via email at


Puja Fire Ceremony at your home.

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