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Chakra Meditation Series - with Eric Huffman

Mondays at 8 PM EST, 7 PM CST, 5 PM PST

1 hour class

$25 per class 


August 31st (Crown Chakra)

7 Guided Online Group Meditation Classes

Learn how to clear, balance, and restore your 7 vital energy centers. 

Each class will focus on 1 specific energy center and include techniques to assist you in self healing,

developing more self love, and integrating your body, mind, and soul so you can be the best you ~ your authentic self!

Individual Class Registration: Click on the class below to register.

August 31st (Crown Chakra)

*All Chakra Classes will be recorded so if you miss a class you can download and view the following day.


"This was my first time ever doing a throat chakra meditation. Eric does an excellent job in making you feel comfortable and really connect to your self. I’ve done a couple of his meditations on insta which are GREAT but this session really allowed me to interact with him and dig deeper into myself ! Will continue to do these sessions and tell other people to join as well! Thank you Eric ! Can’t wait for the third eye meditation!"     

-  Aimee Serrano, Indiana

Eric's chakra healing series was AMAZING!!!!

"I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do it.   And it was so Powerful, and very convenient to have it on Zoom. Thanks Eric!"

- Amy Chasse, Chicago

Chakra meditation with Eric is fun to notice inner changes...
"After taking the chakra series, I was able to understand I could see my own heart and body deeply. Through my meditation, I could get rid of my blockages in my 7 chakras.  As the heart and body were unified and integrated with nature, I felt the feeling of returning myself to the universe.  I realized that humans have a magnificent role to have the energy of the universe and absorb it, and then pour it to the earth, so I felt that it is a part of the cells of the earth.  Also, in the last two months during the series, even I'm an indoor person and I have more time to go out and put myself in nature. It's an incredible change (laughs)
One more thing, my sense of smell, taste, and hearing have become more sensitive since deep breathing awareness began.  I am surprised that taking this series has affected the five senses.  I feel more in tune with myself and nature now and my senses are more alive."

- Mukin, Japan

Virtual Class via Zoom

Classes are conducted using Zoom Client Meetings platform which can be used via computer, smartphone, or tablet download here. 

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