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Golden Light Process Meditation Series

Transform your life to a space of joy and peace.

6 Live virtual sessions with Eric Huffman Sensei

Allow the Golden Light Meditation to get back to you happy core.  Regardless of outside circumstances, there is a place of infinite peace, infinite love, and infinite joy inside of us.  Let's return to our center and be free from the chaos!

Dates: Tuesdays

Nov. 10 - Dec. 15, 2020 

8pm CST, 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific

Duration: 1 hour

Maximum Capacity: 25 people

Pricing: Full Course - $150    Drop in - $30

Format: Zoom online video meeting

All sessions will be recorded and available for your viewing the next day.

DEC 1 Drop in registration  Click Here

DEC 8 Drop in registration  Click Here

Tired of being too stressed out and worried about...well... everything?

Ready to receive peaceful clarity and a refreshed sense of joy in your life?

Now is the time for a positive new approach to bringing in more light, more joy, and a deep sense of inner stillness.  Join me for a luminous journey back to the center of yourself through the Golden Light Meditation Process.


The Golden Light Meditation Process is a unique and easy way to instill positive healing energy into your life, with out having to invest hours into meditation.  In just 10 to 20 minutes per day, you can ease your way back into a quiet and calm space within.  Regardless of what is happening in this crazy world, the healing energy of the Golden Light clears away fears and frees you from limiting beliefs in a kind gentle way.  It is easy to do and fun.

Past participants in the Golden Light Meditation Process have reported​:

  • Feeling lighter and stress free

  • Easier to handle the stressful experiences caused by work or challenges with relationships

  • A renewed feeling of joy in the heart

  • Improved ability to naturally let things go and breathe more deeply

  • Having more clarity during the day and an overall sense of balanced well being

What is included in this course?

6 Live one hour Golden Light sessions on zoom

4 Guided Golden Light MP3 recordings to assist you in your daily application

Access to watch the video recordings of all 6 classes

Ask Eric questions via email or via Zoom chat text box during the Q&A time

20% off discount for any private vitual meditation consultation while done in the duration of the 6 week class.

The POWER of live group meditation

Group meditation is the MOST powerful way I know to deepen your meditation experience.  When we meditate together as a group live, in person or online,  it multiplies the meditation energy by the power of the group.  What this means is, if 3 people meditate together, the meditation energy is enhanced by the power of 3 (3 x 3 is 9).  So when you meditate with 10 or more people, the group energy dynamically increases your benefits of the meditation.  All my students report that the one on one meditations with me or the group meditation classes significantly helps with their meditation practice.  So encourage you to do your best to attend the group classes live.

Session topic schedule

Session 1: Golden Light Process basics

Session 2: Deepening the process & the Light Wash

Session 3: Brighten your heart space

Session 4: Clearing the mind

Session 5: Energize your light centers

Session 6: Building your light bridge to cosmic energy

Drop in Registration - $30 per class

DEC 1 Session 4  Click Here

DEC 8 Session 5  Click Here

DEC 15 Session 6 Click Here


Session format

Each class will consist of a talk and lecture on various aspects of the Golden Light Process, followed by a guided meditation and direct transmission into the Golden Light energy.  After each session, I will open the class for sharing time. If you would like to stay on longer for the optional sharing time please do so.

Q and A will be conducted via the chat texting box on Zoom during the designated Q & A period or by emailing me your questions to



Register online using a bank or credit card by clicking here

After you register, you will receive an email with the Zoom login details.  Please make certain to type in the correct email address.


"Eric has completely shifted my life!! With this crisis going on meeting Eric has saved me. His meditations make me feel extremely protected. Our light is real. My brain feels clarity.  I've been consistent showing up to his meditations that it now feels so easy and simple to connect w/ my breath.  His essential oils, lip balm, sandalwood are essentials for life!! Eric I value your existence you are incredible. Thank you, Thank you!"

- Leslie Mancera, Illinois

"Eric does an excellent job in making you feel comfortable and really connected to your self. I’ve done a couple of his meditations on instagram which are GREAT but this session really allowed me to interact with him and dig deeper into myself! I will continue to do these sessions and tell other people to join as well! Thank you Eric!"     

-  Aimee Serrano, Indiana

"I took part in your Meditation and I’m so grateful for you because it helped me.

When I saw you online, I could feel your energy and presence.  After the Meditation I had a feeling as if a gentle healing wind had blown through me. I felt light and lightness.  I found my center again and can feel now that everything is OK even if we have a difficult time. Thank you, Eric san! "

- Kanae San, Germany

Origins of Golden Light Meditation Process

I have been practicing meditation daily for over 30 years.  Every day I sit and give my self the oportunity to connect with myself at a deeper level.  In the summer of 2019, I had a deep and powerful experiece.  My mind became very still and suddenly I felt a bright golden light enter from the top of my head and decend down into my body.  It felt so wonderful!  It was a calming clear energy that relaxed my body and made me feel a new sense of peace and joy inside.  I was so moved by the experience that I began to dive in more deeply each day into this golden light. 


As I began to develop the golden light meditation, I began to realize just how amazing and powerful of a tool it is in creating a deeper space of peace and happiness.  What impressed me most was that as I was doing it, even though my mind maybe busy thinking, I observed that the golen light was working behind the thoughts to rlease tensions in the nervous system while clearing limitting beliefs such as fear and doubt.  After each session I notice how I was more clear in my thinking and I felt a love in my heart that seemed to simply glow from within regardless of what activity I was doing.  Then I realised that this is more than just a meditation, but a PROCESS that as you do it more, subtle life transformations take place.  New ways of thinking and intuitions come in and everything in daily life seems easier and more productive.


I have been teaching meditation for over 25 years and I wanted to share my new secret with my students.  I was inspired to make an MP3 recording guiding you through the Golden Light process.​I shared it with a few of my meditation students and they too had similar experiences that I was having. A deeper sense of peace and relaxation, while feeling a lighter sense of joy and clarity.

Then... COVID happened and the world changed.

While everyone was panicing and businesses were shut down, my reflexology business too was shut down.  I did not know what to do so I simply relaxed and focused my attention inward.  I was able to even more deeply apply myself to the golen light process and immediately began to experience even more joy, more peace, and more love.  It was such a contrasting experience because there was so much fear and tragedy happening, yet I was experiencing the opposite: more joy, more peace, more clarity.

Then my brother encouraged me to offer online meditation courses via zoom.  I had never heard of zoom, but since we were in lock down, it was the perfect opportunity to explore teaching online.

I am so happy I did!  Immediately many people joined my online meditation courses and they took off with a life of their own.  Time after time, participants would share with me the beautiful shifts that were taking place in their lives as a result of the golden light meditation as well as other secret meditation techniques and guidance.

I hope you too can join in and feel the joy, peace, and love of this meditation process.

This process is not for everyone, so please make certain you are ready to transform your life and bring in more peace, love, and joy to your life!

Many many big beautiful blessings,

Eric Sensei

NOTE: This series, products from Eric Huffman, Healing Samurai LLC, and the energy from the Golden Light Process are complementary to and supportive of other approaches. Please know they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any disease or condition or replace a consultation or treatment by a licensed medical professional. Please contact a licensed medical professional for your health needs.

It is not advised while you are driving or doing other activities that require you to be alert, to listen to or watch any events, replays, DVDs, CDs, MP3s, or other energy broadcasting of events or use products offered by Eric Huffman. The energy can often create an altered state of awareness which could affect your alertness and ability to respond normally.

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