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Transform your life and create your bright future by mastering your words and attention.

Luminous Course $25 off registration page


Luminous Course Series - 5 classes

A Transformational group study to improve your ability to be create your positive happy life.


Dates: Monday Nights  NOV 16-DEC 14

Time:  8:30pm EST, 7:30PM CST, 5:30PM PST

Duration: 1 hour

Price: Original Price $150 - DISCOUNT PRICE $125

Capacity: 9 participants only

Live on Zoom

Receive your Discount Registration Click Here

The Luminous Course is a lively group interactive training program where you directly learn in the moment the ways of shifting your attention to what you CHOOSE.


This is a class participation teaching experience.  So I will keep the class size to a maximum of 9 participants.

I will share with you the first few secrets to how this process works and how easy it is to apply to your life.

Secret #1: What your attention is on, is what you attract. 

As Napoleon Hill said in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, "what you think about, you bring about".

This Law of Attraction is clearly explained in the book and movie The Secret.  Everyone knows this now, right? 

However, many people miss knowing WHERE their attention is truly at.

This course will train you HOW to know where your attention is at and HOW to move your attention to what you truly choose to have.

The solution is so EASY.  Immediately in the first class, you will directly experience some major shifts in your consciousness.

When you see what you are doing with your attention, and how easy it is to make a shift, you will begin to laugh and giggle inside!

The Luminous Course is a Self discovery process where you will clearly see where your attention is at.  AND even more importantly, receive EASY ways to shift your attention to where you choose it to go.

Class 1 - Luminous Language - how to watch your words and make a shift

Class 2- Your Magic Compass - how to direct your attention back to your Source Power INSTANTLY!

Class 3- Your Happy Qi Ball - how to increase your energy and increase your happiness FAST!

Class 4- Big Life Issues Management- how to quickly make a BIG issue you have in your life and make it small and easy to manage. (this one is SO much fun!!!!)

Class 5- What would Happen If- clear every aspect of a negative creation and release it for good!


NOTE:  This class is for people who are READY to look at themselves honestly and make changes so they can improve their lives.  This class is for brave, strong willed individuals who have the courage to clearly look at themselves.  So only join in if you are ready to be self honest and ready to make LIFE CHANGING shifts for your bright future!

Price: Original Price $150 - DISCOUNT PRICE $125

Receive your Discount Registration Click Here

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