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Reflexology Chicago Meditation

Easy to learn meditation techniques 


Learn how to calm your mind, relax your body, and get into meditative space.


In each class you will learn 1 or 2 meditation and relaxation techniques. Meditation is guided and experienced directly.  By sampling various methods, you can find the right way that syncs with you and your life style. If you already practice meditation, you may gain insights to improve.

There will also be a brief Q & A during class.

Available techniques to learn:

Moving meditation - Qi Gong

Sound meditation - Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Therapy and Om technique

Breathing techniques for fast relaxation and balance

Traditional sitting meditation including mantra, awareness,  Zazen, or guided creative visualization. 

Private or Group Class Rate is $180  total for 1 hour

$180 for 1 person

$90 each for 2 people

$60 each for 3 people, etc.


Meditation Class
with Eric Huffman
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