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Weekly Meditation Class         

Meditation classes

offered to assist you to learn, improve, and deepen your meditation.  Whether you are a beginner or well versed in meditation, these are the right meditation classes for you. Classes are held in our comfortable, serene, meditation temple room.

Tuesdays at 7pm - Deepen your connection to Source

Lead by Eric Huffman


Each class is 50 minutes

General Class Flow:

20 minutes - introduction, guidance, reading, and breathing techniques

15-20 minutes - silent meditation

10 minutes - integration, sharing, or Q&A


$15 per person

$5 goes to support the charity actions of the Foundation for Global Harmony.


688 N Milwaukee Ave Unit 201


Each class will include instruction on meditation, an inspiring reading, and an integration time after silent meditation. Class may include simple relaxation breathing techniques, basic yoga or tai chi relaxation techniques, healing crystal bowl sound therapy, and toning (Om).

Be comfortable

It is important to be comfortable and relaxed while practicing meditation.

We provide meditation pillows as well as cushioned folding chairs for your comfort.  Please bring any additional props as you choose.

Policy and Guidelines

Schedule your class in advance by text or email.

Must be in the meditation room when the class is schedule to begin.  Doors to the meditation room close when the class starts and you can not enter the room.

Turn off your cell phone during meditation class.

If you have any questions, please contact Eric at

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