Infinite Light Meditation Technique Level 1

30 Day Course Taught by Eric Huffman

May 12th - June 2nd 2020

Tuesdays with 2 choices: 10AM or 7PM Central Standard Time

$75 per person

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Deepen your meditation and or rekindle your practice

Keep your meditation practice going and build it into a deeper space of awareness.

This course will review, refresh, and deepen the techniques learned in the 30 Day Meditation Challenge. Plus I will introduce new techniques and advanced meditation methods to enhance your practice even more!


This course includes NEW Guided Meditation MP3 recordings including Om Technique.  

Plus receive videos on the Jyoti Mudra and Maha Mudra techniques to prepare the spine and nervous system for deeper states of meditation. 

All live classes are recorded and can be downloaded the next day for your continued studies.


Course Overview:

All classes will consist of Q & A, Review of previous class, and a guided group meditation session.


Week 1

Review basics plus introduce yogic pranayama spinal breathing

Guided Meditation

Home Practice-  Meditate daily for 5-10 minutes


Week 2

Om Technique - Most popular technique for enlightenment on the planet

Advanced Spiritual Eye Light Breathing Technique

Home Practice-  Meditate daily for 10-15 minutes


Week 3

Advanced Om Technique with Jyoti Mudra

Advanced Spiritual Eye Light Breathing Technique

Home Practice- 10 minutes daily plus 1 day 15 minutes


Week 4

Mahamudra - The great mudra for enhanced meditation

How to sit for longer periods of meditations- seated meditation guidance and yogic stretches.

Home Practice- 10-20 minutes daily plus 1 day 20 minutes

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"Eric has completely shifted my life!! With this crisis going on meeting Eric has saved me. His meditations make me feel extremely protected. Our light is real. My brain feels clarity.  I've been consistent showing up to his meditations that it now feels so easy and simple to connect w/ my breath.  His essential oils, lip balm, sandalwood are essentials for life!! Eric I value your existence you are incredible. Thank you, Thank you!" - Leslie Mancera, USA

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