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Transformational Healing Weekend in Commerce Township, Michigan

July 21 & 22, 2018


Featuring Healing Sessions with Eric Huffman and Kyoko Hashimoto, Flower Essence Workshop with Michiyo, and Clear Light Breathing


Deep Heart  Reflexology

Eric Huffman-Japanese Reflexologist-DH Reflexology stands for "Deep Heart".  This name was given by my meditation teacher H.H. Gayuna Cealo.  When Cealo first gave me this name, Deep Heart, I did not know why he chose it.  I did not really like it, however, as I continued my practice, I later discovered that reflexology is a path of the heart; a path of the soul.  For me, reflexology is a deeper journey into my own understanding of healing, health, true wealth, and happiness.  It is my deepest honor and privilege to share with you my DH Reflexology service and give you the greatest healing session I can possibly give.

While many reflexology sessions offered are done by massage therapists who took a course in reflexology,   DH Reflexology   is what I call "The Real Deal".  After my extensive training in Japan and 6 years of practice, I know how to assist you in having the complete health benefits from your reflexology session.

Session            60 minute       $120

Body Therapy

Kyoko  Hashimoto~Hibiki’s Therapy


Healing through the senses, using essential oils, color, sound and gem stones.


Cosmotherapy - this holistic therapy is developed by Dr. Dietrich Gumbel.


""The most important question to ask is “What is the Sense of Life“? The question can be answered with the help of our sensory organs. COSMO-THERAPY is based on the stimulation of all senses by using ESSENCES, COLORS, TONES and GEMSTONES. This treatment offers a possibility of harmonizing the holistic being, creating self-confidence. All therapy elements are integrated as a whole concept: they correspond to the creative vibrations of the life force. This means a synergistic and simultaneous effect on the client which is experienced as an expansive, uplifting state —one in which the client feels more light in the body. The result is a feeling of being more comfortable and more content with oneself."" by Dr. D. Gumbel.

+ The color connects to one aroma essential oil.  If you like it, it is right for you at this moment

+ Lie down and relax.

+ Sound meditation, using crystal bowl.

Your body will feel full of sound vibration which is called “Hibiki” in Japanese. Kyoko’s session awakens your body’s natural homeostasis.

Kyoko sessions are cash only. Thank you.


Full Session   90 minutes         $180

Short Session       60 minutes         $125

Flower Essence Workshop

with Michiyo Noguchi


Learn how to make your own flower essences for wellness and health.  Michiyo will guide us how to make and prepare flower essences combining knowledge, meditation, and intuition.  She will lead us in a meditation then we will select flowers from the garden to prepare our flower essences.


When: Sunday 22nd at 3:30pm

$25 per person 


What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are herbal infusions made of the flowers of plants.  All flowers have an innate wisdom, vibrational message, and therapeutic property.  Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine that addresses many emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances.  They can greatly enhance the mood and well being of our lives.

In Michiyo’s flower essence class, she will teach us how to make our own vibrational medicine using the flowers in the surrounding area.  Using our intuition and innate wisdom, we will pick flowers that connect with us on a deep level to assist and enhance our daily lives.


A message from Michiyo about flower essences.
“We know nature earth heals our daily life - trees from a garden, small plants.
Why don't we make some flower essence using familiar plants together,
feeling the earth and your inner nature?  Plants are waiting for us to connect and work together.”

Clear Light Breathing:

Transformational Energy Clearing & Crystal Bowl Workshop


•           A transformational healing workshop which combines qi energy breathing, toning, prayer, and pressure point techniques to release negative energy blocks.  This powerful healing workshop frees up the flow of qi (energy),

•          Opens and balances the chakras (energy vortexes), and clears negative stuck emotions from the body.  People often report that after this workshop they feel energized, have more clarity, and a deeper connection to Source.

July 22nd at  5:30pm                  

Workshop fee $ 108

Registration and Scheduling

Please contact Deanna Milliken @ 231-838-3800 or to register.

Treatments and Workshop will be held at

2869 Pinto Drive, Commerce Twp., MI 48382

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