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Spiritual Retreat in Myanmar

Developing Self Love through Meditation, Gratitude, and Heart to Heart Connections.

with Eric Huffman

February 6th-16th, 2019

Join in for this unique opportunity to connect with your Inner True Self while visiting sacred sites in Myanmar and performing acts of compassion.


This year's retreat will focus on ways to develop more love for yourself and others through meditation, self reflection, journaling, and acts of compassion.

We will visit various sacred sites and meditate to deepen our awareness.  We will also visit a small village,  rural school, and a jungle farm to experience cultural sharing and create heart to heart connections.  We may also perform direct charity actions by bringing material supplies to various underprivileged areas.

Eric will also share his insights on reflexology and self healing techniques.

This retreat will been lead by Eric Huffman in joint effort with H.H. Gayuna Cealo's extended family.  We will be working together with various groups who all support Cealo's way of Direct Action with compassion.  A portion of all proceeds support the works of the Foundation for Global Harmony USA and H.H. Gayuna Cealo's direct actions of compassion. 

Our tour guides Amica Gayuna, Win san, and Tin Tin san will support us through our sacred tour of Myanmar.  They make all the logistical preparations, language translations, cultural protocols, and making us feel welcomed and taken care of.  Eric has many years of deep connections with them as well as many of the monks and holy people we will meet.  They are soul family.  We have long time connections with many monks, small villages, and temples. We are fortunate to have them as our tour guides.



We will highlight a visit Kyaiktio Mt. (Golden Rock) and have a special meditation.  Kyaktio Mt. is considered to be one of the most revered sacred sites in Myanmar.  It is a Burmese tradition to visit at least once in their life.  It is beautiful and has deep meditative energy.  There are many monks and yogis who live on the mountain and practice their spiritual training there.


We will also visit the ancient temples of Bagan.  There are over 2,000 ancient temples and pagodas in Bagan and is considered to be one of the most beautiful views in the world.  We plan to have a meditation at one of the temples and briefly explore some of the ruins.

Cealo Retreat: February 10th, H.H. Gayuna Cealo has invited our group to join his 1 day retreat in Bagan.  This is a one day retreat to deepen our meditation and awareness.


During our retreat tour, we will wear brown yogi robes as a symbol of our spiritual journey together.  Revered Buddhist monk U Zanaka will give our group a special prayer blessing ceremony whenwe receive our robes.  U Zanaka is such a dear kind monk who will bless our group so we have deeper connection to our Inner True Self, the essence of Buddhism, and love  essence of Myanmar tradition.

Tour Dates and Plan

​Please note that certain plans during our visit may change.  Be open to flow!

Tour Plan February 6 thru 16


FEB 4th- Depart USA

FEB 5th – Arrive in Narita and stay over night at airport hotel.

(Must arrive in Narita 1 day before Myanmar retreat which means departing USA by FEB 4th)

FEB 6 –  Depart Nartita and Arrive Yangon, Myanmar and visit Cealo’s Temple

FEB 7– Visit Cealo's temple, robe ceremony, meditation, relaxation and integration

FEB 8 – Visit Kyaiktio Mt. (Golden Rock Meditation), visit Kyaikto Temple for the day

FEB 9 – Leave for Bagan

FEB 10- Visit Bagan and join in Cealo's retreat

FEB 11 –Return to Yangon

FEB 12 – Visit Cealo's temple, meditation, reflexology, visit pagoda

FEB 13 – Visit Cocowin village and participate in a special monk ceremony and traditional village celebration (option to return to airport and fly back to USA if you need to leave early)

FEB 14 – Visit Genchai Moutain and have a meditation at the temple.

FEB 15 – Visit Seit Pu Taung orphanage and do direct action charity. bring donations

FEB 16 – Visit Cealo’s Temple and Schwedagon Pagoda, Return to USA


We will be staying in clean comfortable hotels with hot showers and nice beds.  More details on exact lodging coming soon.


You must depart USA on February 4th and arrive at Narita Airport (NRT) on February 6th.  We will stay 1 night at Narita Hotel.

OR you can find your own flight plan to Yangon, however, you MUST arrive in Yangon before 4:30pm on Feb 6th.  We only have one time the tour guides can meet us and drive us to Cealo's temple.​

Return flight on FEB 16  MUST BE EVENING FLIGHT

Retreat Cost:

This sounds like a simple question, however, this retreat different than your normal tour visit to Myanmar.  We are always looking for the best prices as well as working with groups who have pure hearts are in alignment with our spiritual journey.  Final costs will depend on the size of our group, transportation fees, and hotel room selection.  I will know the final cost a few weeks before the retreat, however, below are the cost range.  I am can to offer payments and do receive credit cards.

Retreat cost estimate is $1,850

Retreat fee includes all classes, guided meditations, tour guides, transportation in Myanmar, meals, and lodging.

Retreat Cost does NOT include your plane ticket, Myanmar Travel Visa, yogi clothes, and sandals.


YOU MUST CONTACT ME BEFORE January 1st, 2019 to confirm you are coming.

To reserve your space a deposit of $500

Additional $1,350 must be paid in CLEAN NEW US dollars when we arrive in Myanmar.

Additional payments for yogi clothes, sandals, and donations is to be made in cash in Myanmar.  We will know for certain total cost at that time. 

Please send a check of $500 made to Healing Samurai LLC, 688 N Milwaukee Ave, STE 201, Chicago, IL 60642. 

to make your deposit payment via credit or bank card, please contact Eric directly.

PLEASE bring extra money with you.  We can easily change US dollar for you during your trip.  It is a custom to make a small donation when visiting temples or when receiving a blessings or lecture from a revered monk.  It is a gift from your heart so any amount is fine.  We will learn more about this and other traditions and customs while we are there.

Additional Fees Explanation:


Myanmar Travel Visa is $50.  Please contact Eric and he can guide you through the online travel visa process.

Yogi Clothes and Sandals

The yogi clothes/robes are made special for our group and signify that we are on a sacred journey.  This will bring us more access to sacred sites, temples, and monks.  Amica san's Myanmar sewing team will make for you.  You must send Eric your height, chest, waist and hip measurements.  The Burmese Sandals are comfortable and are used when on a sacred journey.  You MUST send Eric your shoe size.  Thank you.

Brown T-shirt

Please bring 3 brown T-shirts to Myanmar to wear under your yogi robes.  T-shirt must be short sleeve and round neck style.  No tank tops or V-neck.  I bought nice ones online at a low price at:

Yogi clothes are $160 for set of 3 using Japanese Fabric

Burmese Temple Sandals  $15 for 1 pair.

If you already have yogi robes and brumese sandals from last year's retreat, no need to buy again.

Heart to Heart Connections: Donation Items for Orphanages and Schools

Each year we bring donation items to various schools and orphanages.  It is a beautiful heart opening experience that I encourage all to join in and contribute.

Please bring with you towels, sheets, blue ball point pens, or new/slightly used kid size T-shirts.

Or if you like to make a monetary donation, $400 can buy important medicine they use.  $3,000 buys 100 bags of rice which feeds 200 people for 3 months.  Anyway you choose to support is received with love and gratitude.

Important Note:

Come with an open mind and be totally ready to be submerged in the traditions of Myanmar.  You must agree to follow the Myanmar customs especially when visiting a temple or monk.  We are going to experience, enjoy, and respect their traditions.  You may learn many things with an open mind and seeing how others live with our judgement.  Amica san and our tour guides will make certain to prepare us in advance so we always know what the proper custom is and how we can be respectful in each situation.​


Please contact Eric Huffman.  Cell is 773-895-4415 or by email at

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