Sunday Sanga ~ Live Music & Guided Meditation

with Eric Sensei and Surya Vitalis

Live on Zoom (see login details below)

Sunday October 18th at 7:30 PM CST,  8:30 PM EST

Today's Topic: Power of Ram Mantra

Deepen into Consciousness through the power of mantra

Eric and Surya will share insights into the power of the Ram mantra meditation methed as well as stories about  Papa Ram Das, an Indian Saint who mastered the Ram mantra to attain enlightenment, and Bob Raymer.

Surya will share the power behind the mantras and lead us into meditation with his chanting.  There will be a 15-20 minute silent meditation with gentle soothing back ground music.

"If you are a sincere aspirant for immortality and wish to be blessed with absolute peace and bliss, then be a votary of Love. This Love is not circumscribed by any limitations, bounded by any rules or regulations. It is as vast as space, embracing all beings alike. Its nature is universal."

- Swami Ramdas

Free Group Meditation 

Free meditation service to deepen your awareness and enhance your meditations.  Includes guided group meditation, lecture, and beautiful singing from Surya Vitalis.  Love donations accepted!

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