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Advanced Meditation Course Members Only Page

your resource for the advanced meditation course. 

Click on the highlighted words to access the ausio and video files.

Class Video Recordings

Class 1: SEP 23 - Light Tapping, Light Wash, & Third Eye Stimulation

Class 2: SEP 30- Third Eye Tapping, Essential Oils, Head Points, & Q & A

Class 3: OCT 7 - Bandi Breathing, Light Wash, & Third Eye Light Breathing

Moving Meditation - Energy Qi Gong 15 minute guided moving meditation
13 Minute Guided Meditation: Yogic Breathing, Light Wash, & Golden Light Meditation - Class 1 Meditation Review
25 Minute Energy Clearing, Light Wash, & Golden Light Meditation

Audio Files - Guided Meditations
5 minute Guided Golden Light Meditation
10 minute Guided Golden Light Meditation
15 minute Guided Golden Light Meditation

Meditation Music Instrumental- no voice
20 Minute Meditation Music
5 minute meditation music
10 Minute Meditation Music
BONUS TRACK:20 Minute Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief Perfect for anxiety and those stressful moments in life when you need to calm down, relax, and get back to center.

Previous Class Archive recordings

Class 1 June 23rd

Class 2 June 30th

Class 3 July 7th

Class 4 July 14th

Class 5 July 20th

Class 6 July 28th

Nirvanam Mantra Audio MP3

Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaya Vichay Namaha

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