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Daniel Thatcher is an avid practitioner of Tai Chi and Yoga.  He has a passion, wisdom, and patience in his teaching style.  Daniel has a keen ability to see what is best for each class and each person based on their specific health concerns.  Daniel is a master at assisting students to achieve their goals.

Since beginning his studies in Tai Chi and Qi Gong in 2007, Daniel has maintained a daily practice.  Daniel has studied with many greats including Sifu Stirling Levine, Grandmasters Hsu FunUuen, Willaim C.C, Chen, and Wailun Choi.  He has also studied with Sifu Elaine Waters, Master Jose Perez, and Master Bruce Frantzis.

For the past two years, Daniel has been teaching students of all ages at North Shore Country Day School, the Peggy Noetebart Nature Museum, and the Stirling Tai Chi Society.

For more information on Daniel's healing arts, visit his website at:

For more information on Daniel's music, visit his music site at:

Schedule a Tai Chi or Yin Yang Yoga with Daniel, please contact him directly at:
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