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Energy Clearing Techniques

Learn how to clear your energy, increase your energy, and stay balanced.


Energy Clearing Class- an intensive training with Eric Huffman Sensei

Thursdays at 9AM

Oct 29 - Nov 19

75 minute class


Virtual Class Live on Zoom

(all classes will be recorded so can watch later or again)

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Ever feel stressed out because someone you are close with is stressed?  Ever been around a person who is in a negative space and their energy seems to cause you problems?  Or perhaps you are in a negative "funk" yourself and need a shift?

Would you like to know how you can clear your energy and get back to your calm happy self?  Then this class is for you.

If you can relate to any of these questions, then I am certain you will fully appreciate all the secrets I will share with you of how to handle ANY negative energy influence in your life so you can be calm and centered.

I wil share with you practical ways that you can use any time you feel stressed by those around you or feel like you got dumped on by a negative person.  These techniques are fast and easy to do and maybe the right way for you to release the bad vibes and bring in the new!


  • Clear negative energy and increase positive energy

  • Balance and ground your energy system

  • Discover your energy core and connection to Source

  • Restore and Strengthen your ENERGY FORCEFEILD so you can be centered in every situation.

  • Clear negative energy while you are on the go in daily life

Class Program:

Oct 29th - How to clear, repair, and strengthen your energy feild (aura)

Nov 5th - How to clear your internal energy spheres (chakras)

Nov 12th- How to clear your energy on the go!

Nov 19th- How to remove negative energy from your body and replace it with postive healthy energy. Restore vital qi energy to your organs and glands.

My whole life I have been sensitive to energy.  The energy around me and the energy within me.  It was always challening for me to be around certain people in life who had very negative energy or bad vibes.  It was so difficult always being thrown by other people's energy.  Then I finally discovered something.... How I can control my own energy and free up other people's enery and get back to my calm happy center.


 It tookmy a long time to understand how to keep my energy clear and how to buld my postive energy force feild so I stay in my postive space everywhere I go.  It was an incredibly challeninging journey and I have learned many things aloing the way. 


One of the hardest and yet easiest lessons I learned was how to love myself and honor myself. Give myself permission to keep only the good vibes in and release, transmute, or bounce off other people's bad vibes.


Through the years, I have developd many ways to clear negative energy from my body and mind and keep my positive healthy energy sustained and balanced.  It is my honor and joy to share with you many of these effective inside energy games I use to keep myself clear and happy.

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