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Kiyora Therapy

with Michiyo Noguchi


Kiyora therapy is a traditional Japanese bodywork method, similar to Shiatsu

massage. Kiyora Therapy includes deep pressure point and stretching techniques to give you a full body energy clearing and rebalancing.  You definitely want to breathe deeply during her sessions. 

Michiyo’s healing sessions are done with clothes on so please wear loose comfortable clothing.


60 minutes  $108


90 minutes  $144


· PLEASE NOTE: kiyora sessions are cash only. Thank you.


Herbal Tea for Beauty Class

Lead by Michiyo Noguchi

July 6th at 12pm


Learn about delicious healing herbal teas that help make you look and feel younger. Learn how to prepare, taste, and experience butterfly pea tea and other herbal blends to bring a youthful glow to your skin.


—$20 per person.

 To register Please use the payment link and Click Here

Michiyo Noguchi

Michiyo is an amazing body therapist who specializes in deep pressure release techniques similar to Japanese shiatsu massage. She is an occupational therapist who has healing hands. Pure magic!

Her sessions are a delicate balance of gentle energy flow healing and strong deep pressure on the acupoints on the body. It may feel like a whole body reflexology sessions so you will have to breath deeply.Michiyo has been studying with Eric in Deep Heart Reflexology, meditation, and energy healing techniques for 5 years.

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