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Sacred Soul Retreat in Myanmar

with Eric Huffman

February 9th - 18th, 2018

Your Sacred Journey awaits you!


Come and experience the sacred essence of Myanmar through meditation, heart to heart connections, and actions of compassion with Eric Huffman.  This retreat is for deeper soul training to connect with your Inner Self and to develop a deeper sense of love and gratitude.   Various charity activities will be done to support the works of the Foundation for Global Harmony.

On this retreat, we will be on a sacred spiritual journey together.  I am honored to have our special tour guides of Amica Gayuna, Win san, and Tin Tin san to lead us through Myanmar for our time there.  They always prepare many things and take great care of our group.  Also, they have long time connection with many monks, small villages, and temples.  We are lucky to have them as our tour guides.


On day 1 in Myanmar, we will have a special blessing and initiation ceremony to begin our program.  We will change our clothes and place on special brown yogi cloths which we will wear for our entire retreat.  Revered Buddhist monk U Zanaka (pronounced Senaka) will give our group this special blessing so we have deeper connection to our Inner True Self and sacred essence of Myanmar tradition.

Then we will travel to Taungyee Catholic Orphanage to bring donation items and support for the children and nuns.  There are about 150 mentally and physically handicap children and adults who live here supported by 10-15 nuns. I love this orphanage so much and have been supporting them for many years.  I am so happy to see them again.  Please gather and bring blue ink pens, kid size T-shirts, and stationary and we can bring to them and give while we are there.

After visiting the orphanage, we will visit Pindaya Cave where many ancient Buddha statues bless this cave.  We may have a nice meditation while we are visiting.

Our sacred journey will continue.... Please read below for full schedule details.

Full Schedule February 9th -18th, 2018

February 9th: Depart from USA to Narita, Japan (airport code NRT)

10th: Arrive at Narita and stay at airport hotel.

11th: Depart from Narita to Yangon, Myanmar

Schedule In Myanmar:

Please note the schedule may change so be open and ready.  No attachment.

11th:  Arrive in Yangon, Myanmar and go to H.H. Gayuna Cealo's Temple and or Hotel


12th: Visit Monastery and meet with U Zanaka, Prayer, Changing close + Lunch at temple
then travel to Maytilla(6-7hours drive) Stay at hotel in Maytilla.

13th: travel from Maytila to Towngyi. Visit Orphanage. Stay at hotel in Kara. Maybe have Cave Meditation.

14th: Visit Inlay Lake and Pyndaya.  Boat ride on Inlay Lake to visit ancient temples. Stay at Maytila hotel


15th: Travel from Maytila to Yangon. Maybe visit Cealo's Temple.


16th: Yangon. Visit Cealo's temple and have reflexology class and meditation sessions.

17th:  visit Cocowin village (Win san's village)  See cocowin coconut oil production, see farms, eat fresh produce and have a lunch.  Maybe have time to meditate.

18th:  Visiting Shwedagon Pagoda in the morning and possible time for shopping. Depart for USA at night time. (see flight plans below)


You must depart USA on February 9th and arrive at Narita Airport (NRT) on February 10th.  We will stay 1 night at Narita Hotel.

You MUST fly on FEB 11th on ANA flight number NH 813 departing at 11am and arriving in Yangon, Myanmar at 4:30pm.

Return flight on FEB 18th MUST be ANA flight number NH 813 departing from Yangon to Narita, Japan at 10:10pm.

Eric's Flight Plan Full Detail in case you want to match it.


Departing Friday FEB 9th Flight UA881 at 12:55pm.

Arrivng in Narita FEB 10th at 4:55pm  Spend 1 night at airport hotel.


SUNDAY FEB 11th ANA Flight NH 814 Departing Narita at 11am arriving in Yangon at 4:30pm



Sun Feb18 NH814 Departing Yangon at 10:10pm.

Arriving at Narita at 6:45 am. FEB 19th

Departing Narita UA882 at 6:45pm

Retreat Cost:

Final costs will depend on the size of our group and transportation fees.

Retreat cost estimate is between $1,100 and $1,400.  Could be more or could be less.

Retreat fee includes all classes, guided meditations, tour guides, transportation in Myanmar, meals, and lodging.

Retreat Cost does NOT include your plane ticket, Myanmar Travel Visa, yogi clothes, and sandals.


To reserve your space a non refundable deposit of $555 must be paid by January 4th, 2018.  Additional and final payments can be made when you arrive in Japan on February 10th.  We will know for certain total cost at that time.

Please send a check of $555 made to Healing Samurai LLC, 688 N Milwaukee Ave, STE 201, Chicago, IL 60642.  to make payment via credit or bank card, please contact Eric directly.  Eric can easily do for you.

PLEASE bring extra money with you.  We can easily change US dollar for you during your trip.  It is a custom to make a small donation when visiting temples or when receiving a blessings or lecture from a revered monk.  It is a gift from your heart so any amount is fine.  We will learn more about this and other traditions and customs while we are there.

Additional Fees Explanation:


Myanmar Travel Visa is $50.  Please contact Eric and he can guide you through the online travel visa process.

Yogi Clothes and Sandals

The yogi clothes/robes are made special for our group and signify that we are on a sacred journey.  This will bring us more access to sacred sites, temples, and monks.  Amica san's Myanmar sewing team will make for you.  You must send Eric your height, chest, waist and hip measurements.  The Burmese Sandals are comfortable and are used when on a sacred journey.  You MUST send Eric your shoe size.  Thank you.

Brown T-shirt

Please bring 3 brown T-shirts to Myanmar to wear under your yogi robes.  T-shirt must be short sleeve and round neck style.  No tank tops or V-neck.  I bought nice ones online at:

Yogi clothes are $50 for 1 set or $100 for a set of 3 using Burmese Fabric.

$150 for set of 3 using Japanese Fabric

Sandals (TBD) around $15-$20 for 1 pair.

Important Note:

I encourage you to come with an open mind and be totally ready to be submerged in the traditions of Myanmar.  You must agree to follow the Myanmar customs especially when visiting a temple or monk.  It is the respectful way.  We will learn many new things from this way of living.  Amica san and our tour guides will make certain to prepare us in advance so we always know what to do.

Donation Items for Orphanage

There are about 180 mentally and physically handicap children and adults and 10 nuns who live at the orphanage.  They need blue ball point pens, kids size T-shirts (used is OK), stationary (like note book paper), and or tooth paste.  No need for soap, shampoo, or tooth brush.  Please bring with you when you come.

Or if you like to make a monetary donation $400 can buy important medicine they use.  $3,000 buys 100 bags of rice which feeds 200 people for 3 months.  Anyway you choose to support is received with love and gratitude.


Please contact Eric Huffman.  Cell is 773-895-4415 or by email at

Taungyee Catholic Orphanage
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