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Image by Pedro Monteiro
Paradise Meditation Retreat
in Maui

March 3rd-8th, 2022
with Eric Huffman Sensei
Paradise Meditation Retreat

Return to your inner paradise and shine!


This is a rare invitation to experience the sacred land of Maui and all her beauty,

while deepening your awareness of your inner true nature.

3 daily guided meditations on the beach, by a waterfall,

or on the top of Haleakala Crater where you will sit above the clouds!

Learn energy clearing techniques so you can stay centered and be happy in every situation.

Receive healing energy to calm your nervous system and restore your balance in the group Crystal Bowl Energy Healing Sessions.

Sitting silently, in the moment, gently returns your awareness to your inner stillness.  In your inner stillness you recognise your true inner paradise and shine from within.

 Reconnect with your inner shine and together, let's enjoy the beauty of paradise.​

Your magical meditation vacation is here for you.

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Daily Meditation 

Guided meditations, Energy Qi Gong, and group Energy Healing Sessions in nature (on the beach, on a mountain, or near a calm stream of water).  Plus evening guided sunset meditations to enhance your third eye.

Clear your qi & connect with your source energy

Learn daily Energy Qi Gong clearing and restoration exercises to free your chi!  Release negative energy, clear your energy channels, and regain your inner connection to your core power.

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Sacred SightSeeing Tours

We will visit waterfalls, secluded beaches, and various nature settings to enjoy the beauty and peace of the magical island of Maui.  Meditating in nature makes it easy to feel your connection to yourself.  Every day you will feel the layers of stress and heaviness release as you deepen your connection to your source energy.  Maui is the best place I know to deepen your awareness of your inner true Self.  Spirit and nature uniting in harmony.

Sunset Meditation on Haleakala Crater

Meditation on the top of Haleakala Crater is one of the most powerful experiences in my life.  This photo does not do justice of the serene bliss of seeing the sun set as you sit above the clouds.  The energy on the top of Haleakala is a very powerful positve energy vortex.  The Tibetan lamas believe Haleakala to be a healing love energy center for the planet.

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Retreat fee

$1,108 per person

Retreat fee includes all classes and guided meditations, Group Energy Healing Sessions, Energy Empowerment Transmission, Aloha Ceremony, daily sightseeing tours, Q & A with Eric, and evening dinners.

You are responsible for your plane ticket, accomodations, transportation to and from Kahului airport to hotel/condo, breakfast and lunch.  We may have lunch at local restaurants.  

Daily Schedule 

Each day we will start with morning meditation and end the day with sunset meditation.  Each day I tune into the energy of the group and decide what is the best course of action and classes for the day.  If we need more rest and free time, it may happen.  Need more energy clearing, it may happen.  Everyday is a nice flow yet focused to create the best retreat experience for your inner awareness.

Below is a sample of how the day may flow.

9AM - Energy Qi Gong, Meditation, and Lecture on the beach

11AM - Free time

Noon- Lunch - possibly go to restaurant nearby

1PM - Free time

2PM - Sightseeing tour with Guided Meditation

5PM - Free time

6PM - Guided Sunset Meditation

7:30PM- Dinner (included in cost)

​Meals - Dinner is included and some lunches

Each night I will prepare delicious meals for you to increase your energy and bring your awareness to the delights of the 5 senses.  Meals will be of fresh local produce, meats, and fresh fish (when available).  We will grill out most nights at my condos grill area.  Dinners will be basic, nutritious, and delicious.  I know you will LOVE it.  When we grill, feel free to bring your favorite to add to the grill as you like.  Like a Hawaiian family BBQ.

IMPORTANT: If you have any food allergies or diet restrictions, I will do my best to accommodate you, however,  if you have many dietary restrictions, you may need to prepare for  yourself for your evening meals.  If you have dietary concerns, please consult with me prior to registering. Thank you.


Maui Sunset Resort

We will begin each morning for meditation and energy qi gong on the beach at my condo in Kihei at the Maui Sunset Resort.  The majority of the classes and dinners will be held at Maui Sunset.  I highly recommend to stay at or as close as possible to Maui Sunset Resort.  There are many options to choose from as it is centrally located in Kihei.


I recommend renting a condo at the Maui Sunset or condos on the same beach so you can easily walk to.  ONLY STAY in Kihei so you are close to the retreat location. 

Below is a list of condos I recommend that are within walking distance.  Each unit is privately owned.  Some are less expensive and others are more upscale.  If you require more luxurious accommodations, consider any of the resorts in Wailea.  However, it is a 10-15 minute drive from Maui Sunset.  PLEASE BOOK YOUR LODGING SOON !!!  Places are filling up fast for our retreat dates.  If you have ANY questions or concerns, please contact me.

All 3 of these resorts are on the same beach


Kauhale Makai Village by the Sea: VRBO LISTINGS


I do have a nice 1 bedroom ocean front view condo on hold at Luana Kai.  Please let contact me if you are interested.



Arrival airport is Kahului Airport OGG

Book your flight to arrive as early as possble on March 3rd.  Many people choose to arrive 1 day early and leave 2 days after the retreat so they can fully enjoy thier time on Maui.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Car rental

Car rentals are expensive in Maui. Included in your retreat fee is transportation to and from the site seeing trips.  If you choose to rent your own car and can have 1 or more people ride with you then I will reduce your retreat rate by $250


To join the Maui Meditation Retreat you must agree to participate in the morning and sunset meditations as well as the daily sightseeing tours

Deposit and Cancelation

To reserve your space it is a $250 non refundable deposit. 

Final payment is due by January 3rd, 2022. 

If you need to cancel FOR ANY REASON there are no refunds or reimbursement.  However, you can apply your remaining balance (minus deposit) to a future retreat and or as credits to private healing sessions or meditation class, at my office or online. 



To reserve your space, please contact me directly at healingsamurai@gmail.com or my cell 773-895-4415

Looking forward to our retreat together in the Paradise within and in Maui.

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