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Charity Concert

Live Healing Concert for Charity

Featuring live acoustic music of Eric Huffman, Daniel Thatcher, and Kyoko Hashimoto

Tuesday July 16th at 7pm

Come and enjoy a wonderful experience of originals songs written and performed by Eric Huffman.  Eric’s songs are inspired by his healing work and meditations at Zen temples.

Daniel Thatcher is an amazing professional bas player who performs year round.  Daniel specializes in “Healing Bass Therapy” which uses deep soothing tones to help restore the cells in the body. Kyoko Hashimoto will play her healing crystal bowls which will send you to a magical place of peace and joy.

100 % of the proceeds goes to support the Foundation for Global Harmony USA.


Tuesday July 16th at 7pm

$25 donation

Register online click here

Event Includes:

Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation with Kyoko Hashimoto

Live Acoustic Music with Eric Huffman

Healing Bass with Daniel Thatcher

If you can not make the event and would like to make a donation, please click on the link below.  Thank you!

Donate any amount now:

For more info on Foundation for Global Harmony visit

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